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  • ...eyebrow raised in a wordless warning. The elder registers it and holds her gaze for a while but eventually caves, letting her go. ...d be here. I never thought I’d see this place again.” She throws her blind gaze around the room. “Not that I am… seeing it, I mean.”
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  • ...ersonation of a hero through means unknown”. Remarking every part with the steely sharp tip of the sword making it meet with the tiles on the ground, he star - Gaze into the land my friend, do you see any miserable tree? Do the stones at ou
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  • ...nic cart being rolled across gap-ridden cobbles, but she couldn't drag her gaze away for long. I took off my hat and held it to shield her face from the ou ...nce door, and I pounded on it until the eye slot slid open for the bilious gaze go the goblin receptionist.
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  • ...his arm, leaning against him to press her upper arm to his. He raises his gaze to see her looking at him in sorrow. “Sometimes, there are good reasons t ...t her quizzically, in a silence that Nyri allows to stretch, holding his gaze calmly and steadily as the ship turns this way and that, slowly losing alti
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