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  • ...nx is crepuscular, though time zones are something quite different for the cat, as the Wiki Lynx seems to be able to travel in time randomly, navigating w [[Full Metal Jackrabbit]], [[Killer Rabbit]], the Hot Cross Bunny and the Cinnabunny fall prey to the roaming W
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  • | [[Basement Cat]] || || | [[Bureau-Cat]] || ||
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  • - Killer Monster Snow Goon - "A frightened looking black cat crossed my path. Fortunately for my luck, it was in the jaws of a %monster%
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  • ...isen to notorious prominence, with heroes believing that it is a merciless killer - if straying too close, the Gazebo will instantly devour the clueless. Whi ...nd the atomic bomb he built. Until one devastating day when a simple alley cat decided to strut around the atomic bomb, looking for anything to feed itsel
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  • ...estive lighting, and huge wall-mounted mirrors so Portico can practice her killer dance moves ...n Clueless || Honnōji Academy || acquiring a masterfully designed heirloom cat o’ nine tails with the words “Guild Leader” for DH to employ when rec
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  • And so my daily routine of busting monsters just turned into cat-and-mouse situations. And patching up wounds with -hairball- herbal leaves. This time, I was able to see how the killer looks like. He is wearing a uniform. It is........German Imperial Soldier u
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  • * Cat in the bag * Cat scanner
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  • | [[Cat in the bag]] || || | [[Cat scanner]] || ||
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  • ...outfits. They’re soooooo not your color!” Nyrini jests, then looks at the killer glare the bunny is aiming at her. “OK, OK! I’m going already! See ya la ...god yells, throwing his arm over his eyes in a futile attempt to repel the killer beam. His overly sensitive ears can almost hear the beam giggling as it wor
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  • ...epping over dying flames on the carpet, wet from the blood of another dead killer. He crouches and tries to heal her, is too late. He is numb with s Susan’s touch makes his eyes close in pleasure like a cat. “Different, yes. But not dysfunctional at all, from what I’ve seen. We
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