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  • | image = Psychophant.jpg Famous for its fiercely brown nose and tattered tweed suit, the Psychophant's violent brand of bootlicking is feared by all herokind. It's rumoured tha
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  • ...they do not wreak havoc or mindlessly rampage (Killing the [[Pac Man]], [[Psychophant]], or any other beast that creates a trail of destruction is allowed). The ...came from is heavily guarded. The [[Pac Man]] only appears whenever the [[Psychophant]] chases the guards away, allowing for a curious [[Unintelligent Lifeform]]
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  • sort of voice. I looked up, and there was a massive, horrible, deadly [[Psychophant]] in front of us on the road. He was addressing my Gnomish companion. “Is “Can never be too careful, with all these heroes and heroines about,” the Psychophant commented, scratching under its chin with a claw. “Didn’t think any of
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