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Cookie Monster

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The Cookie Monster is a [[monster]]. This is one of the strongest creatures that created by [[Evil Genius]] has createdes.  The creation begins with a dog injected with a syringe of liquid that makes creature addicted to cookies. Secondly, Evil Genius Geniuses gives an injury to the dog, so that it has some well-trained muscles and grows pretty huge. In the end, Evil Genius put some machine parts into the Dog's body to make it almost invulnerable! These creatures are completely cold blooded and expert killers! Some of them are sold in the black market as minions (slavery). They will completely go on rage if they don't get cookies or if they see one. Heroes better get some cookies with them and leave it on the ground if they meet a Cookie Monster.
== Attributes ==
* Gets calmed when eating cookies
* Wouldn't attack people that give it cookies

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