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Feral Hero

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| image = Feral_Hero.jpg
| class = Humanoid
| description = Abandoned hero who keeps to the shadows
| habitat = [[Wastelands of Insomnia]]
| strong = y
The '''Feral Heroes''' are monsters that were once [[heroes]], but their gods abandoned them, leaving them to a life of misery and solitude.
After being abandoned by their gods or goddesses, all heroes are left to wander the wilderness on their own. Most continue their journey without consequence, but occasionally, a few heroes will go mad from loneliness. These heroes eventually become Feral Heroes''.
After being abandoned Feral Heroes commonly exhibit envious and jealous behavior by their randomly attacking heroes with gods most heros go mad and wander the wilderness. They start to eat filth and become wild losing most of their mentality and humanity, not becoming evil, but not good either. They seek to find shiny things and hunt down those heroes who are following a greater being, jealous of their guiding force and hating the cleanlness of these unfallen heros. They generally have a yellow pallor and seek to find tasty things to eat, like human flesh. TheyA common battle cry is "you don're madness takes many forms and you may notice that they occasionally carry many heavyt deserve your god!!" Biting, unwieldlycatfighting, and exotic weapons that while effective, inappropriate name-calling are generally worthless to the sane hero. They may occasionally give some gold coins and treasure in the folds of their filthy rags, although just as often they have no possesions ans will attack with live poultry and snake whipsalso common fighting techniques.
Some Feral Heroes are nocturnal creatures. These "abandoned of the abandoned" feed off the darkness and resort to attacking heroes after the sun sets. Some go so far as to eat the heroes' hearts and drain their blood for use in ceremonies. Some Feral Heroes group together in packs, though the packs rarely last longer than a few weeks. == Attributes == === Strengths ===* Enhanced strength due to feeding on the flesh of heroes* Usually come in groups of 5 or 6 so a hero may need a friend, or two* Some senses are enhanced from demonic prayers*Approach {{heroes or heroines}} like a begger and ambush them. === Weaknesses ===* Still human so they can be easily killed* No smarter than average hero so they can be easily tricked* Eyesight is enhanced, but not hearing so heroes can easily sneak up on them in the forest or behind buildings in towns ==See also==* [[Category:MonstersAntihero]]* [[Godbuster]]

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