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The Battle Toad

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Yummy mysterious brews
* Unlimited [[potential energy bar]]
* [[Essence of awesomeness]] because You Are Worth It
* Yummy Yakult <ref> because it's never too late to try some probiotic drinkdrinks</ref>
* [[Iodine solution]] cider <ref> it could be beer, it could be wine... who knows</ref>
* Chuhai Cocktail<ref>Shōchū mixed with soda</ref>
* Umeshu Pulm Wine <ref>when you accidentally drop sugared plum in your perfectly good Shōchū</ref>
* Pocari Sweat <ref>restores the electrolytes. That's all you need to know.</ref>
* Hoppy <ref>a non-alcoholic, beer flavoured beverage, usually added with Shōchū, seriously, Kami-sama, why everything gets mixed with Shōchū; Genma-san, you are fired! ...Whatever. Studies suggest that hoppy might help recover from seasonal sickness and respiratory problems like pneumonia and bronchitis, just leave it next to Iodine solution cider, Genma-baka.</ref>Happy Juice

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