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Removed things - Neon-A back from the dead
Hi! I'm Neon-A (as you will know, you found your way here after all.) Who are you? Actually no, not important. And this is my wiki page! (Obviously) I bet I sound like an idiot to you all so I might just move on. Moving on!
===How I Came to be Here===
I joined Godville about 3 months ago (as of 9th November 2015) and have enjoyed it, being able to not have to constantly check my crops/village/floors etc. (Despite wanting to (check the hero, not crops or anything)). I joined really because I had been seeing it recommended to me for about 4 months, and I finally gave in. Once again I feel like this is boring... Eh. Enough with the life story stuff I guess. Moving on!

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