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'''Beasties''' are terrifying sea monsters which inhabit the depths of Godville's oceans. These denizens of the deep are known to feast upon any ship that dares come near, and some are even known to hunt down any nearby prey that wanders into their sight.
Normally [[heroes]] don't have to worry about these creatures, but should a hero complete their [[ark]] and decide to go [[sailing]], they will soon discover that the sea is swarming with these monsters. Like their land counterparts, a beastie often has loot, be it in the form of fresh water supplies, healing oil, a hint towards the nearest treasure, or even the treasure itself. Some beasties even have fenimals in their bellies or on their backs, which will prove useful to any hero trying to preserve the wildlife of godvilleGodville. HowverHowever, getting the loot is not so easy. Beasties can be very nimble and are sometimes capable of attacking the hero before divine influence can reach the earthsea, an ability that can prove fatal to a hero if his ark is badly damaged already.
It has been noted by biologists that all fenimals discovered so far have been female. There are large debates as to whether this is due to the males never coming to the surface, or whether all the male beasties turn into land-[[monsters]] like tadpoles turn into frogs. Some simply believe it is the result of a cruel trick played by the creators of this world. It is unlikely we will ever know for sure, as most researchers who try to study beasties are eaten.

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