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Feather Mail

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Tips to Sail on 1-2 Charges
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#'''Send when your hero is in town, having completed a quest''' - When you return from sailing, your hero won’t sell your items, therefore you can wait until after they pray if you need gp to activate one of your items. If you do this and there’s a chance the booty item might fill your inventory with items, don’t open it when you hit the road or you’ll be sent right back to Godville, sacrifice included. #'''Don't send at full health and no sellable artifacts''' - Doing so means the activateable will be sold before you are able to open it. The less health your hero has and the more artifacts you have increase the time you have to earn gp, either from the cap or from overheard voices if you only need a few % to make it.#'''Be willing to leave/starve without getting booty''' - Some sail maps and/or sail types will not be favourable to you. Weigh the cost of using a charge to try and make an unlucky sail profitable vs spending that charge on a future sail. For instance, using a charge to fight a 2name has a strong chance of ending in booty. Using a charge to travel into the next slice to check if that hint is viable is not a sure thing.#'''Don’t get greedy''' - Getting the first booty without using a charge is fairly common, getting a second without spending more than 1 charge isn’t. In 25 sails I averaged 24 runs with a single booty, 2 with double booty and 1 without booty. For the runs where booty was found, I averaged 46% without using a charge, 33% using 1 charge and 21% using 2-3 charges. This means that most sail runs can be profitable using 0-1 charge, so if you need to spend 2 charges to get a second booty, those 2 charges could have funded several future sail runs. I’ve also found going for a second booty was not only more costly, it’s also more risky. I’ve sunk with booty aboard because my influences backfired/weren’t enough to compensate. If you are booty-orientated more than you are charge saving-oriented, then it might be worth 2 more charges to make each run more profitable, but I’ve found it’s just easier to wait for the next sail. #'''Send when you have full gp.''' - The more buffer space you have before you have to unpack your first charge, the less likely you’ll need one. Sailing offers more chances at replenishing gp than dungeoning, but it’s not guaranteed to come early (or at all). There could be some navigation demands in the early part of the sail, before you’ve had a chance to reach some prayer islands. #'''Don’t use gp to generate supplies''' - Sailing can go from inexpensive to charge-sucking as soon as you start needing to generate supplies with gp. Not only can you backfire, the return is 3-5 units compared to the 8-13 you’d get from an island. Reconsider sticking around if you have dwindling supplies. A charge used to resupply to ‘check that hint just over there’ might be quickly followed up by 3 more charges before the sail is over.#'''When you have 75% gp or more encourage/punish before clearing a prayer island''' - While prayer islands don’t always deliver gp, when they do, they often give more than 25% gp, so using some of your gp to make room while topping up on supplies or health (whichever you need more) is worth the risk. #'''Check your ark health before hitting a 2name''' - If your ark is less than 80hp, there’s a good chance you won’t make it through a 2name fight without using influence. If you are less than 50hp, your ability to successfully battle a 2name, with influence, starts decreasing substantially.#'''Check your supplies before hitting a 2name''' - Influences switch to fight outcomes once a fight starts and supplies can't be generated and they won't be given at the end of the fight. A 2name may take 5-6 steps to be defeated if no gp is used to hurry up the process. #'''Keep an eye on your distance to an exit''' - Remember that the outer edge can be as far away as 24 rings from port and isn’t all the same all the way around. You could have a long hike even if you saw someone exit closer than that nearby. If you are trying to exit without buying supplies, you may find you end up a couple of supplies short.#'''When health is low, autopilot might fight against you''' - When your health gets lower, your ark may start avoiding reefs. Moving backwards to the cell you were just on is not uncommon. If you are low on supplies and you can’t afford the auto-piloting, send directional commands if you need to get over a reef.#'''Use reefs when you can''' - If you engage a roaming beastie or another ark and it is sitting on a cell with a reef, the reef will do damage to the beastie/ark every turn. This might be more advantageous than sending multiple, consecutive voice commands to try and outrun them.#'''Use directional commands sparingly:'''##Arks that touch islands will explore them eventually. There isn’t any need to click the island and use 5gp to get them to explore it. ##Most times, following visiting an island, your ark will display the direction it will go next through the bold line at the edge of your icon. If it’s not a bad direction, don’t steer. If you’ve cleared the island and your bold line is still pointing towards the island, your next move will be a surprise. If there are directions (such as backwards or onto a beastie) that would be very disadvantageous, use a command to control where you go. ##Hitting islands indirectly, instead of dead has a better chance in resulting in a favourable port or starboard turn instead of a bounce off backwards or remaining pointed at the island and getting a surprise result.##If there’s a distant cell you want to visit off to your port or starboard direction, you have a 3 cell window of opportunity to chose to turn in order to connect with it (because every cell can be engaged on edge, dead on, and on edge again). Waiting until the last chance increases the probability you might hit an island on your current trajectory and that your ark might turn the right way on its own accord, not to mention anything you might get for hitting the island.##If you engage a beastie, your ark will always carry on in the direction the beastie was in unless also touching an explored island. Send or don’t send direction commands accordingly. ##Not every reef needs to be avoided, but picking which ones to avoid or not is up to experience (and luck). If you are heading to a hint, you might want to avoid reefs close to the hint in the event the point of interest is a 2name or beastie.#'''Consider selling treasure bags''' - Selling a treasure bag usually results in a gold return lower than what you’d get for opening and then selling the items. However, selling a treasure bag does give some return and on a no-charge sail, that’s reasonable return. If the forecast is for getting 2x for activateables, selling your treasure items might be better than opening them.
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