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* Day 2022 g.e. “Tlazolteteo was spotted in the Ideabox. All ideas are requested to form an orderly line and await improvement.”
* Day 2037 g.e. “Let’s celebrate Tlazolteteo and her devotion to helping our ideas be all they can be.”
* Day 2057 g.e. “Warning: Tlazolteteo is busy in the ER, enhancing ideas left and right!”]
* Day 2080 g.e. “Tlazolteteo finds improving ideas an incredibly painful chore, but she promises to continue to do it.”
* Day 2083 g.e. “Tlazolteteo has been busy in the ER. She doesn’t care much about idea quality, but she does love to meddle with things.”
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= Ideabox Contributions = ''Total Submissions: 809'' ''Approved Submissions: 99'' ''Approval Rate: 12.2%'' === Approved Ideas ===  <div style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Bug reports: 5</span></div> <div style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Corrections: 22</span></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Diary: 19</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Entry|-|| 07/13/15 || Rushed off to find a doctor to treat my injuries, but all I found were copy-editors and pundits. Wait, I think I'm in the wrong ER.|-|| 07/20/15 || Saw a baby %random_monster% holding a piece of candy so I stole it. Judging by the angry growling coming from behind me, this may have been a bad idea.|-|| 07/22/15 || My prayers must've reached the heavens, as it started raining beer inside the temple. I must hurry and help drin... I mean clean up this mess. |-|| 07/23/15 || Taught the %monster% an important lesson in letting go by prying this %artifact% out of its cold, dead hands.|-|| 07/27/15 || Love the smell of fresh rain on the open fields. This dank scent emanating from %pet_name% though, I could really do without.|-|| 07/31/15 || Helped %monster% overcome its mid-life crisis by ending its life altogether. Was offered a lovely %artifact% as thanks.|-|| 08/07/15 || Last thing I remember: I had found a fruit basket at your temple, so I tried to send you a pineapple by tossing it up to the heavens. How did I end up in the hospital, %rg%?|-|| 08/07/15 || Saw a newborn %monster% hatch from its egg. Darn, now it thinks I'm its {dad│mom} and won't leave me alone. Better get rid of it before the parents show up.|-|| 08/20/15 || Came across two bridges at a river crossing: One with a toll, one with a Troll. Chose the free option and charged ahead with weapon ready towards the tollbooth.|-|| 08/20/15 || %monster% has been really upset ever since I dislocated a few of its limbs. I don't get why it's gotten so bent out of shape over this.|-|| 08/24/15 || Unearthed an ancient stone golem with veins of gold tracing towards its torso. I smashed its core apart with my weapon and found a golden brick inside!|-|| 08/24/15 || I've gotten really good at climbing the ladder of success, but I can never resist riding down the fun chute whenever I reach the top.|-|| 08/27/15 || The Ideabox surgeon replaced my injured colon with a new semicolon, and noted that my regular bathroom routine may become a little punctuated.|-|| 09/20/15 || Dug a majestic moat around a farmer's outhouse and ran away before he came out.|-|| 09/24/15 || A cartwright busily repairs a broken axle on a wagon, while an eager merchant waves me over, anxious for some business during the downtime.|-|| 10/05/15 || Your wish is my command — Too bad I'm not a genie, or you could have actually gotten what you wanted.|-|| 11/25/15 || A heavenly beam restored %pet_name%'s youthful looks. I, unfortunately, am still bleeding profusely.|-|| 01/12/16 || Saw a coyote hold up a sign saying “%god_phrase%” before it plummeted down a cliff's edge.|-|| 06/23/16 || A mushroom cloud erupted from a hilltop and morphed into the words, “god_phrase”.|}</div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Earthly News: 3</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Entry|-|| 07/10/15 || Watching %pet_name% scent-mark every single milestone along the way...|-|| 08/02/15 || Boosting the local economy through beer purchases...|-|| 08/12/15 || Hammering the refresh button to find out if {his│her} attack landed or not...|}</div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Duels: 18</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Entry|-|| 07/20/15 || %boss%'s eyes clouded with overconfidence and unleashed an epic 27-miss combo. While it was stunned at seeing its target still alive, %defender% jammed a marble up its nostril.|-|| 07/20/15 || %attacker% tossed a hand mirror to {his│her} opponent, who fumbled the catch. The mirror smashed to pieces, and %defender% suffered (%dmg% of) bad luck damage.|-|| 07/21/15 || %boss% consulted its “How to Serve Heroes” cookbook, and proceeded to slice-and-dice %defender%.|-|| 07/30/15 || The Judge spotted and confiscated a prohibited weapon from %attacker%, and ordered {him│her} to go to the corner and face the wall.|-|| 08/01/15 || %hero% didn't quite catch that last command, so {he│she} knelt down and prayed for an instant replay.|-|| 08/02/15 || %attacker% checked that {his│her} liquor license was still valid, then served %defender% a spiked fruit punch to the face.|-|| 08/02/15 || %attacker% tried to poke %defender%'s eye via telekinesis, but aimed poorly and gave {him││her} a nosebleed instead.|-|| 08/05/15 || %attacker% shoved a bacon-wrapped, deep-fried cheesecake into {his│her} adversary's salivating mouth. %defender%'s heart exploded with joy, and saturated fats.|-|| 08/13/15 || Right before %boss% bit into an exposed leg, he saw %defender%'s tattoo declaring {he││she} may contain gluten, nuts and dairy. %boss% jerked his head back in revulsion.|-|| 08/13/15 || %boss% wasn't sure if his last attack connected, so he gave %defender% the benefit of the doubt and struck a second time.|-|| 08/13/15 || %boss% charged recklessly towards %defender%, but suddenly froze on the spot when he noticed a nearby squirrel.|-|| 08/13/15 || %attacker% thought {his│her} heat ray vision was working, but %defender% was merely experiencing hot flashes.|-|| 08/13/15 || %attacker% was stumped as to what action to take next, so {he│she} used one of {his│her} lifelines to ask the audience instead.|-|| 08/24/15 || %attacker% turned on the waterworks. %defender%'s heart was flooded with a deluge of sympathy, along with considerable water damage.|-|| 08/24/15 || %attacker% pulled a rabbit out of {his│her} headgear and hurled the rabid beast at the foe. %defender% suffered vicious bites and started foaming at the mouth.|-|| 09/11/15 || %attacker% tried to impress %defender% with some knockout humour, but forgot to deliver the punchline.|-|| 09/20/15 || Colours momentarily faded from the world as a quick time event started. Unfortunately, %defender% failed to keep up and got badly slashed by %attacker%.|-|| 10/15/15 || %attacker% reported {his│her} opponent for excessive exacerbation. %defender% was penalized by an outraged judge who thought that it meant something else.|}</div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Dungeon: 0</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Entry|-|}</div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Quests: 9</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Entry|-|| 08/21/15|| figure out where the blind are leading the blind (epic)|-|| 09/09/15|| break the record for most records broken|-|| 09/16/15|| count how many steps it takes to wear out a pair of shoes (pending epic)|-|| 10/19/15|| go soul searching in a cemetery|-|| 11/02/15|| outwit the other voice in your head|-|| 01/14/16|| liberate a captive audience|-|| 01/27/16|| catch a bloodmage red-handed|-|| 01/28/16|| convince the smoking gun to quit smoking|-|| 05/16/16|| erase the finish line|}</div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Quest Endings: 1</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Quest!Ending|-|| 05/17/16 || extinguish the eternal flame || Sealed the eternal flame inside Schrödinger's box. Now it's both burning and extinguished.|}</div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Monster: 9</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Entry|-|| 09/13/15 || Perverse Engineer|-|| 09/23/15 || Blunderachiever|-|| 10/26/15 || Kryptoknight|-|| 10/29/15 || Groove Robber|-|| 11/25/15 || Misinterpretive Dancer|-|| 12/14/15 || Adminitraitor|-|| 12/26/15 || Discordion Player|-|| 01/05/16 || Hired Mussel|-|| 01/27/16 || Snowball Fighter|}</div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Artifact: 12</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Entry|-|| 07/24/15 || massage-in-a future -bottle (@)|-|| 09/14/15 || subject-verb agreement|-|| 09/14/15 || fingerprint magnet|-|| 10/06/15 || random lumber generator|-|| 10/14/15 || medicine-flavoured fruit|-|| 01/30/16 || award-winning award|-|| 02/26/16 || pack expansion slot (@)|-|| 03/01/16 || cooties vaccine|-|| 03/05/16 || cheat codex|-|| 04/25/16 || jar of pre-counted beans|-|| 05/16/16 || hostile makeover kit|-|| 05/18/16 || spirit guidepost|}</div></div> <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Equipment: 1</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Category!Entry|-|| 01/27/16 || talisman || religious cymbal|}</div></div> (last update - Nov 2223, 2016) === Favourites === <div class="mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="border-width:0; padding:0;">* <span id="Approval">Favourite Rejected Ideas</span><div class="mw-collapsible-content">{| class="sortable" border=1!Submitted!Category!Entry|-|| 07/10/15 || Diary, while traveling || Sensed something intimately familiar from a smoldering piece of clothing near a campsite. Turned out to be the lingering scent from an old flame.|-|| 07/21/15 || Duel, for exploding bosses || Saw the %boss% start to glow red, and knew my job was done. I turned my back and walked away, 'cause cool hero{│in}es don't look at explosions.|-|| 07/29/15 || Diary, wasting gold in town || Invested %gold% in the global stork market, but an abrupt change in the earth's magnetic field sent all the storks crashing. How depressing.|-|| 07/31/15 || Diary, for evil heroes || When I saw %pet_name% do something stupid just now, I almost wanted to throttle him. This must be how you feel all the time, %rg%.|-|| 04/21/16 || Diary, while traveling || While I was taking a whiz, %pet_name% took a bite out of my wiener. I really should’ve known better than to leave my barbecue grill unattended like that.|-|| 08/17/15 || Quest || investigate who scribbled “REⱭЯUM” on the tavern door|-|| 08/14/15 || Monster || Deckard Canine|-|| 09/10/15 || Monster || Wire-fu Master|-|| 09/10/15 || Monster || Mind Filleter|-|| 10/29/15 || Monster || Disarming Slime|-|| 12/16/15 || Monster || Supremacist Court Judge|-|| 10/14/15 || Artifact || JAMMED CAPS LOCK|-|| 06/24/16 || Artifact || Newtonian fig|}</div></div>

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