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Idle Omens

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<br>Here are some guidelines and tips:
*On regular days, wait until you have 100% god power and 3 or '''more''' charges.
**This should ensure thatUnless you are dueling in the new ZPG Arena, no matter what within the first 5 minutes of every hour, this will prepare you for whatever ''other''special rules'' may come into play, you'll be prepared.
***This can not be stressed enough: '''never''' enter the Arena with less than 3 charges and, after ''sending'' the hero(ine), 50% GP. There are those who do not send any influences at all, but as you climb the ranks ... get ready to match with more and more active duelers.
*Try to let us know prior to sending your hero to the Arena in the GC - this will prevent duels between guild members.

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