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(To be added when 2nd Season of RP begins)
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'''Alternative Name:''' <small>{{God|Matusmanis Alt1}}</small>
'''Character Name:''' The seeker of knowledge<br>
'''Race:''' Human <br>
'''Skills: If he has any, they are unknown as of yet. <br>
'''Hand Weapons:''' skinning Skinning knife,and a staff <br>'''Ranged Weapons:''' NONE None <br>'''Armor and Possessions:''' normal middle age Standard monk clothes with long hood. Always carries A backpack around filled with everything he used at his travels including traveling supplies and a big large book<br>.
'''Cultural Familiarity:''' well Well studied in both godvile Godville history and , spiritual things , and is aware of other realms<br>'''Family:''' he doesnt He doesn't know anymore/lost importance after the packt pact with his goddeity.<br>'''Description:''' tall Tall semi muscular man, walking around in his monkish robes with hood on. He looks like otherwise resembling a regular typical human manmale. <br>'''Background:''' to To be revealedadded.<br>
'''Character Name:''' Twila Nyx<br>
'''Race:''' Human<br>
'''Occupation:''' Homeless Wanderer
'''Advantages:''' Twila is quite athletic and mildly attractive. <br>
'''Disadvantages and Quirks:''' She is, however, quiet and introverted.<br>
'''Skills:''' Survival, Illusionary Magic
'''Hand Weapons:''' Hand knives<br>
'''Ranged Weapons:''' Throwing knives<br>
'''Armor and Possessions:''' A t-shirt, jeans and a hoodie. She also has a mp3 player and a cursed mirror shard.
'''Cultural Familiarity:''' She knows more about paradox and unreality than the world in front of her. <br>
'''Family:''' None that she can really recall.<br>
'''Description:''' Twila is a dark skinned Asian girl, who typically wears jeans or cut-off shorts and plain shirts. She's relatively short, only about 5'4" and weighs roughly 93 pounds. Her eyes are a green hazel and she wears her black hair in a straight ponytail.<br>
'''Background:''' Twila has been in possession of a cursed shard from her earliest memories. She was visited by horrific dreams and terrifying nightmares. As she got older, she realized that the source of these night terrors was an entity from a keepsake her mother had given her. It was trapped within the shard. Finding how to restore the creature would lead her to a small cult who worshiped a Sorceress named Sireine.<br>
==Forum RP Information: Deity-Class==
'''Deity Name:''' X'the'x
'''Deity Type:''' Being of Paradox<br>
'''Virtue:''' Oblivion<br>
'''Vice:''' Hope<br>
'''Class:''' Parasitic
'''Abilities:''' X'the'x is a being of imaginary space, which can not exist in this 'real' space without creating a paradox. This paradox would annihilate even cosmic entities, as it is literally the breakdown of reality. X'the'x gains power as it takes energy from 'real' entities and fear.
'''Followers:''' None. Twila doesn't even truly count as a ''follower'' so much as a slave.<br>
'''Familiarity:''' Why would it bother? It exists to devour.<br>
'''Description:''' In its primal, physical state it is a serpentine arachnid that has six legs and a scorpion's tale. It is eyeless and its pincers are shapes more like classic scythes than claws. In its other states, (which will be informed within such circumstances) it appears as whatever its victim(s) fear, sometimes appearing as different things to each. <br>

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