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Cold Turkey

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{{stub|monster}}{{monster|image =coldturkey.jpg| caption = |class =Poultry|habitat =Tundras and mountains|description=A turkey in clothes| latin = Frigus Meleagris}}== Description ==The '''Cold Turkey''' (''Frigus Meleagris'') is a [[monster]] that is an intelligent bird, with a strict ethical codex.  It is known to try to convince heroes never to drink beer again, this leads to . This is the cause of most of its conflicts. It prefers cold climates, and likes to hang around taverns. Slightly It is slightly bigger and more well-dressed than the common turkeys of Godville. The largest flock is supposed to live at [[Trollbridge]], but it they can be found all over the [[World's appexApex]]. Some heroes prefer to marinate them in beer before cooking and consuming them, to further humiliate them after their defeat.
== Attributes ==
'''=== Strengths:'''===
* Always sober
* Immune to freezing attacks
* Can be very convincing indeed
* Does not die instantly from losing its head
* Slightly larger than the average turkey
'''=== Weaknesses:'''===
* Vulnerability to fire attacks
* No fun at parties
* Quite clumsy
== See Also ==[[Category:Monsters]]{{Navbox_birds}}

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