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| hero = Keleicea
| gender = Male
| personality = Wickedvicious
| guild = Final Chronos
=My Amazing Brilliance=
02/15/15 02:15PM My fingers slipped and I accidentally threw %artifact% into the campfire. Quickly pretended I was offering a sacrifice.
02/14/15 10:23PM All the health potions I’ve been chugging almost made me too full to go to the bar. But, you know. Almost.
02/11/15 05:31PM The %monster% cried, “I will not not not not lose to you!” Unfortunately the negatives canceled out and it was defeated, leaving behind %artifact%.
02/07/15 11:35AM Sympathizing with fleeing monsters…
01/21/15 12:22PM The plastic stars hanging from the ceiling glow faintly in the dark.
01/19/15 05:29PM A catchy tune played as soon as I finished my quest to %quest%. Took the chance to strike a heroic pose while I was being showered with gold coins.
01/13/15 06:37PM %rg%, have you ever considered how much quicker I would be done if you were fine with normal bricks?
01/07/15 02:22PM Struggling to pronounce {his|her} friends’ names…
01/07/15 12:57PM Everything in this room is immaculately clean, even the cobwebs.
01/07/15 09:41AM Wave my arms around and chanted bizarre words in attempt to summon a monster. All I got were strange stares from the other people in the bar.
01/04/15 07:00PM Just found out the warranty on my %equipment% becomes null and void on event of my death. Damn!
12/26/14 01:15PM A group of heroes just exited the dungeon with bulging bags and told me that they’d already plundered all there was to plunder. Maybe next time, %rg%.
12/06/14 01:16PM Popping other people’s personal bubbles…

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