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Martyr 1st Rank: 8/7/2013 After a long string of unfortunate deaths finally the magic mark of 150 was achieved and so Budapesties became the first God in all of Godville to complete all 12 1st ranks! Ni!
Raider 1st Rank: 3/14/2014 With the experience of Smoting bosses under ground and discovering that the rabbit hole indeed goes further down. Garwin Raided his 300th Treasury with the always reliable help of SBFH & Nameis!
4/22/2014: {{God|SBFH}} and Bear Nekkid join the family of Smote. Godville will miss you (original SBFH) but your legacy will live on under the dual flag of Blue Feather and Smote!
==Budapesties siblings==
Bear Nekkid

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