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Tournament of Champions

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Tournament Rules
==Tournament RulesToC V: Valentines Day Massacre==
We'd like as many players as possible for this one, but to get even brackets, we need 32 or 64 players in order not to have "bye" rounds (everyone should fight to advance to round 2). If 34 sign up, we will limit it to 32, if 58 sign up, we'll push for 64. Fights will begin as soon as the brackets are finalized.===Tournament Rules===
Are you smiting for smooches? Hurting for hugs? Is your idea of a good Valentine's Day telling your hero to beat someone up? Sign up today! ''Tournament starts Friday, February 14th.'' Like the last ToC, we're hoping for as many gladiators as possible. Due to bracket sizes, the sooner you sign up the better. We will be trying for either a 32- or 64-player tournament. ====Entrance requirements====#'''Sign up by October 1Midnight, CST on February 10, 20132014''' by: <br>Posting in the [ Tournament forum] <br>'''''or''''' <br>contact {{god|Hairplug4menLHR Bad Karma}}, {{god|Dogess}}, {{god|VorpalHairplug4men}} or {{god|Rodrigo AugustusVorpal}} directly.
#One god per player.
#All guilds are welcome!
#All levels are welcome, however, given the match rules (below), it is highly recommended that you be at least level 40 or are highly experienced (and awesome!) in the arena.
====Match rules====#This is a '''''no-holds-barred''''' tournament. This means:#<br>'''A)''' No limits on god power or number of charges used.#<br>'''B)'''Use of miracles is allowed, but not encouraged.
#Choice of battleground is up to the competitors. You may chose "Challenge a friend" or attempt a match by sending to the arena.
#Each round must be completed within 7 days or both players may be eliminated. This means: <br>'''A)''' If players are able to send friend invites and one fails to respond within the 7 days, the non-responsive player will be eliminated. <br>'''B)''' If neither player can come up with a friend invite, and players are unable to meet in the arena due to level differences, both players will be eliminated.
#Have Fun!
====Reporting Match Results====
Post a link to each duel log in the [ Tournament forum]. Posting the link at the fight start (rather than at the end) is appreciated but not required.
''Join the [godville tournament of champions] group on Palringo to hang out with other gladiators, talk shop, and watch the fights.''
====Prizes====*'''1st place:''' 500 250 charges*'''2nd place:''' 250 120 charges*'''3rd/4th places:''' 120 45 charges each
==Combatants '''''Note:'' We are still looking for the Fall 2013 Tournament==prize sponsors, so these may go up at any time.'''
==ToC History==
This is the fourth fifth Tournament of Champions! and the first time in the organizer's seat for {{god|LHR Bad Karma}}. We've got a great team helping out with this one and are looking forward to seeing new faces (as well as old) in the arena. Information on the first ever ToC can be found [ here].

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