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Ye Not-So-Olde Ideaboxing... Stuff: Updated to reflect actual state of things
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===<p style="font-family: times, serif; font-size:18pt; font-style:italic">Ye Not-So-Olde Ideaboxing... Stuff</p>===
<s>Pur up things such as the Gladiatorship formula, Guild and other Pantheon formulae{{God|SourceRunner|temple=12/29/2012 1:37 PM|breeder=12/28/2012 3:19 PM|extended= yes please}} is explaining this, and any thoughts or observations better than I come across or have which strike me as interesting or oddcould've.</s> NahIn fact, on second thought I might consider an "Ideaboxing" section'm taking lessons. Not Can I get back to feed the trolls or anythingyou folks on that? The guide's but a rough draft, with, it's claimed, barely any content at all, but some people really would like to contribute and can stay calm enough in the face of a suggestion theywhat there is, is ''gold,''re not the funniest person who ever livedinformationally speaking.

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