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'''Parody'''- Both players must create a full parody of a given song on a given topic, votes will be based on posts '''AFTER''' the songs. Player with most votes, wins!''
'''Quick Post'''- Very simple, the first player to post after the go is given, wins.''
'''Wise Man Saying'''- Are you wise? Prove it by simply stating a saying about the given topic. Votes are detirmand by the posts '''AFTER''' the sayings.''
'''Interesting Question...'''- Give a reasonable awnser for a very difficult question. Best awnser wins.''
'''Ressurection'''- Find the deadest thread on the Guild HQ page and report it. The first person to do that, wins.''
'''Fate'''- Flip a couin or roll some die to see who wins.''
'''Joke'''- Tell a joke. The funniest joke wins determined on the posts '''AFTER''' the jokes. Joke with the most votes, wins.''
'''Picture'''- Create a picture out of keyboard symbols. The votes will be detemand on the posts '''AFTER''' the pictures. The picture with the most votes, wins.''
Rap battle '''Riddle'''- A riddle will be given and the first player to awnser the riddle corectly wins. If 24 hours pass and there is reserved for lastno correct awnser, the riddle will be changed.''
'''Rap battle'''- The most exciting battle annd is reserved for last for this reason. No posting is allowed during the battle except for the players. The two players must create a verse of their rap for every post. The players may not post more than one post at once, they must wait for the apponnet to post. The winner for this will be decided on votes from '''THE DA GUILD HEADQURTERS''' and a '''RANDOM FRIEND OF SMACN'S'''. The player with the most votes, wins. This game is worth 2 points for it's sheer awsomeness.''
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