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Guideline: Skill Articles

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Here is a set of {{for|more overall recommandations and tools about how to write an article'''|Creators Manual}}Please follow these guidelines for writing an article about a particular [[:Category:Skills|skill]] that your hero has/may acquire(d)article. If you can't fill all of This will help to keep the necessary points , mark the article as a [[stub]] so other people can fill it inwiki clean and consistent. Feel free to be as elaborate or as concise as you want:.
= Structure for writing a monster '''IMPORTANT: Use the {{tlx|Skill}} template.''' This will make the article =look nicer and will automatically categorize it as an skill article.
1) Add a picture of For complete info on how the skill either in action or one of it's effects (if you {{tlx|Skill}} template can't then mark your article with a be used, read the documentation at [[pictureTemplate:Skill]] tag so others can add .__NOTOC__== Structure for writing a picture later).skill article ===== Step 1: Use the {{tl|Skill}} template===
2) State what type of skill it is by saying "Type:" followed by either [[:Category:Combat skills|combat skill]], [[:Category:Trade skills|trade skill]] or Fill out the words in the [[Template:Category:Transportational skillsSkill|transportational skillSkill Template]]. This gives a reader the important information in a concise manner. It should also reduce your writing time.
3) Now, give some general information about the skill (at least three or four sentences) such as when it is used, what general effect it may have You can copy and paste this code into your article and how hard it is for the hero to master. If you want you may also provide instructions about how to use fill the blank with your content: <pre>{{skill.| image = | caption = | type = | description = }}</pre>
4) Now give detail about what effect each level may have, going up in five level bands up to 21+.===Step 2: Add a Picture===
5Add a picture of the skill (''In Template'') After . If you have done as much cannot add a picture, leave it blank. A default image will be used, and the {{tlx|picture}} template will automatically be shown at the top of the above article to mark it as possible, categorise your article by adding requiring an image. === Step 3: Write an Introductory Sentence ===Write the first sentence using this format: "The '''name of the skill in bold font''' is a <nowiki>[[Category:Skillstype of skill]]</nowiki> that <insert remainder of sentence here>. Here is an example: " The '''andGeneric Skill ''' is a [[Categorycombat skill]] that can destroy everything, or so it is told."  Starting with a brief summary sentence provides the reader with a quick piece of information. For further examples of first sentences, see any wikipedia article.  ===Step 4: Combat skills/Trade skills/Transportational skills Write the Substance ===Give background information about the skill, such as how it is performed and how powerful (one or not) it is. Also, mention how the legends or stories about it and how the heroes may use it. === Step 5: Add a See Also, if Applicable ===Add a "See Also" section if there are other wiki articles that contain similar or relation information. '''Note:'''If you cannot fill all of the threenecessary points of information, depending on mark the type)article as a [[stub]]</nowiki> at so other people can fill it in. Place "{{tlx|stub}}" in the endfirst line of an article to flag it accordingly== Examples of Skill Articles==
If you are struggling to find inspiration or still don't know how to structure your article, look at one of the following completed articles for inspiration or guidance:
* [[Geometric laughter]] (Combat)
* [[Relatively honest robbery]] (Trade)
* [[Homesickness]] (Transportation)
Good luck and happy writing!
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