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Town Statistics

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-Where a hero sets out from.
-He can be transported here by sending him to the arena or using the portable tunnel item, after which he will begin a new journey without needing to return to his previous milestone count.
-Heros have their temples here, and will sometimes collect an amount of gold, determined by the number of gold bricks they possess, upon visiting.
-Located roughly at 29 milestones.
 -Hero's waste more money than usual here, somewhere in the region of 50-99% of their total golddue to the vast amounts of beer that are readily available.
-Located roughly at 60 milestones.-Benefits/detriments unknown at the moment.
'''Los Demonos'''
-Located roughly at 70 milestones.
-It is here that dead heroes are often resurrected.
-Located roughly at 100 milestones.
-Hero's earn about twice as much from selling their loot here.
-Located roughly at 130 milestones.
-Benefits/detriments unknown at the moment.
'''San Satanos'''
-Located roughly at 220 milestones.-Benefits/detriments unknown at the moment.
'''Other towns'''-Location unknown at the moment.-Pet treatment is sometimes cheaper here.
Anville-Location unknown at the moment.-Rare equipment can be more easily bought here and most equipment is sometimes either cheaper or better quality (or sometimes both).
-Location unknown an the moment.
-Benefits/detriments unknown at the moment.

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