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Sir Nonnaly

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Milestones: Added entry for inclusion in the WQ guild council
* 523 g.e. -- Made it to '''9th''' in the [[Pantheon of Storytellers]] (''thank you everyone!''). Tigger achieved Level 3 and his first [[Pet Personalities|personality]], '''chunky'''. Every piece of [[equipment]] had at least +16 durability. And I earned a gold brick with a [[deus ex machina]]. Great day!
* 525 g.e. -- Melted a [[gold brick]], bringing me up to 6.1% [[temple]] completion and putting myself on the [[Pantheon of construction|Pantheon of Construction]]!
* 529 g.e. -- Honored with the privilege of serving my guild, [[Warped Quantum]], as a member of the '''guild council'''. I shall be known as the '''Quantum Capacitor'''!
== Gold bricks ==

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