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Apokalypse Squirrels

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{{Guild | motto = ''Damn Squirrels ...'' | number = 2 3 | alignment = Light | founded = 09.05.2011 | founder = Juusan | gold = 51 | pantheon = 418 | guild }}
Apokalypse Squirrels is a guild begun by the "hero" Rastafarius after deciding to eat some rather brightly colored mushrooms he found growing on a pile of "Purple Hero Eater" droppings. Needless to say this sent him reeling into a psychedelic trip of which he has yet to recover. During this "trip" of his he was visited by an eight foot tall chinchilla that told him of the evils of the 4 squirrels of the apokalypse (yes i know its spelled wrong what do you expect it was a chinchilla who told him this and we all know chinchillas cant spell.) Now he has dedicated his life to finding and stopping these evil squirrels and all of their followers, when he isn't curled up in the fetal position screaming about the clowns that he believes are also chasing him 24/7, those mushrooms really messed him up. So if you feel like you would like a guild that chases figments of some lunatics imagination by all means feel free to join "Apokalypse Squirrels."

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