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Flip Flappers

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Our creation legend
==Our creation legend==
A long time ago, there was nothing. But since the existence of nothing itself was a paradox, something existed. And well... Then Flip Flappers was just kinda.. there. Don't ask me, I don't know why either. Luckily, an ancient manuscript I never bothered to read conveniently tells us something that fits right in with what I've said so far.:<br>
<center><span style="color:white; font-size:7px">I borrowed the code for the div from the "Knights who say Ni" before altering it... Hopefully that's ok :]</span></center>
<div style="{{radial-gradient|center|ellipse|#b3ecff, #ccf2ff, #e6f9ff}}; border-radius:20px; padding-top:7px; padding-bottom:7px; padding-left:25px; padding-right:20px">
<center>From nothing... No, from something, a group of powerful gods emerged, and they |

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