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Good catch HG, ice fishing has been in since winter '17, just not added.
'''Fishing ''' is a popular hobby in Godville, which is little surprise, since it involves sitting by a river or pond, doing nothing other than holding a stick and drinking beer (with the chance of getting a free [[artifacts|artifact]] in the process if they're lucky enough for their hook to snag one). For many heroes it is a welcome break from [[quests|questing]]. While fishing, the hero can also regain health by eating the fish they caught.
[[File:Fishing_Example.png|thumb|250px|Example of a hero using their [[Deus ex machina]] as "bait" and getting a [[Bag of lovely bones]] (as one of several items over time) in return.]]In a nutshell, "fishing" in Godville involves your hero using one item as "bait" (during winter no artifact will be used up<ref>{{cite blog|111|Ice and Snow}}</ref>) but possibly picking up several other items. Usually, the hero will choose the most valuable item as "bait". This can be very frusterating frustrating for deities when activatable artifacts are in the inventory. For example, here's a screenshot of a hero using their deus ex machina as "bait" and getting a bag of lovely bones (as one of several items over time) in return:
If your hero has completed the [[ark]], they can also catch [[creatures]] to put in their [[ark]] in the hope of preserving some of Godville's wildlife in the event of a flood. Understandably, dragging a manimal or feminal from a lake creates quite a scene, and scares away the fish, so after catching a creature, the hero will stop fishing and go on their way.
Fishing is a [[ZPG]] activity that can randomly occur while traveling - more commonly during a walk back to town, with a cooldown of at least 5 hours between trips on [[Daily Forecast|fishing days]].  Performing influences during fishing will actually scare the fish and cancel your hero's fishing without any end reward.
==Fishing Artifacts==
Some artifacts are only gainable from fishing. Most notable are [[Activatable Artifacts|activatables]] which cost no [[godpower]] and either turn into 'rubbish' (a single non-bold artifact) or something useful (anywhere from 2-7 artifacts, sometimes including [[Bold artifacts|bold]] or activatable ones). These are only caught at the end of a fishing session. In addition some artifacts can be caught while fishing.
===List of Fishing Activatables===
* '''[[Black briefcase]]'''
* '''[[Brand new bag]]'''
* '''[[Exotic handbag]]'''
* '''[[Refilled sandbag]]'''
* [[Orange box]]
* [[Orange bag]]
* [[Cookie jar]]
* [[Honey pot]]
* [[Orange box]]
* '''[[Holy powercell]]'''
===List of Fishing Non-activatables===
* '''[[24k goldfish]]'''
* '''[[Babel fish]]'''
* '''[[Lucky starfish]]'''
* '''[[Old piece of equipment]]'''
* '''[[Water soluble fish]]'''
* [[Flying fish feather]]
* [[Gold-plated fish]]
* [[Legal tenderloin]]
* [[Piece of vendor trash]]
* [[Plastic sturgeon]]
* receive a random [[Boss|boss-monster]]-specific bold artifact
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