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SummerWiki 2019

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'''''Please read the whole Introduction before starting up. If you have already read all of this, you can jump to the [[SummerWiki_2019#List_of_Subjects|List of subjects]].'''''
==Getting Started==
===<u>Pick a subject...</u>===
Below, you'll find Summer themed lists with {{color|red||red links}} of Artifacts/Equipment/Monsters/Quests. When you have choose the article you want to write on, just click the red link to create a page!
<u>'''We'll ask writers to work on only one article at a time, so everyone can get an article to write on. But feel free to start a new article one when you're done with one.'''</u>
===<u>... and Write!</u>===
'''Creativity''' is the most important word to keep in mind when writing your article.
===<u>When finished</u>===
Remplace the template you put at the top of your page by : {{tlx|Godwiki event review}}
When the review is finished, a volunteer editor will add your article to the list in the [[#Progress|"Progress"]] section, and give you the credit (and points) you've earned!
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:You can see what changes have been made to any page on the "History" tab. Our volunteer editors will try to leave edit summaries in the page history, and will also leave a summary of what they've done at [[Help:Requests]]. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the Talk: page associated with the article you've requested help with, in case there's something the volunteer editor wants to ask or discuss.
='''List of Subjects'''=
==Side Jobs==
==Pictures Needed==
'''''Disclaimer: Only reviewers may update this section. Thanks.'''''

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