Space Invader

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Monsters of Godville
Space Invader
Class Alien
Habitat Places where no one can hear you scream
Description A dastardly thing from the far reaches of the universe

The Space Invader (Caelus pervasor) is a monster.

If anyone remembers the game space invaders, this was a very popular and famous game, but on a certain day, an evil scientist warped the space invader out of the very game, not knowing the true power of this monster!! Its size doesn't matter! It's the potential that it has!! The monstrous claws he walks on and the jagged claws he attacks with! He is a thief that will tear away your backpack and take away your whole inventory, although his clumsillyness usually makes him just harm himself.

His mouth drools blood from the less fortunate heroes and his hunched back is full of spikes. If you are lucky and smart, you will step on it at sight, but if you're not as intelligent, you're going to fight it. So please, take my suggestion, the next time you see it... step on it would ya!!!


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Moves across the battlefield very quickly at first, but later lands in one space
  • Can sometimes capture the hero's spaceship


  • Moves side to side in a very predictable manner
  • Susceptible to heroes with quick button pressing skills
  • One hit with a pew pew pew gun and it's dead