Space Invader

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Monsters of Godville
Space Invader
Class Alien
Habitat Places where no one can hear you scream
Description A dastardly thing from the far reaches of the universe

The Space Invader (Caelus pervasor) is an alien monster.

The Space Invader drops down from outer space in a predictable side-to-side motion. Its movements seem to be bound to fixed dimensions, and an observant Hero will soon discern the pattern. Too bad observant Heroes are rare. Most Heroes, slack-jawed and attending to a voice that no one else can hear, miss the dull "womp womp" sound of the Space Invader as it descends.

Reports about the size and shape of Space Invaders vary. Some claim that the creatures are massive, armored, and extremely arrogant demonic-insectile heads with pincer-like jaws and no proper body. Other accounts describe them as small, boxy, primitively rendered, and almost cute. All agree that their language skills are limited and that they cannot be reasoned with.


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Moves across the battlefield very quickly at first, but later lands in one space
  • Can sometimes capture the hero's spaceship


  • Moves side to side in a very predictable manner
  • Susceptible to heroes with quick button pressing skills
  • One hit with a pew pew pew gun and it's dead

As seen in The Diary

!Hero's Diary
09:44 The Personal Space Invader tried to look cool, but soon died of hypothermia. I chipped a status cymbal and 19 gold coins out of the ice around it.