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GodGreenwavenick , GodCommixx , GodYaksa Yi , GodLiddle Rascal , GodLifesupport404 , GodAnonymousgirl , GodGarudak , GodDa Donn jr , GodConan Obrien , GodScP , GodAurora Eiffel ,

Noted for their activeness with in the guild.

• We are a weak, fragmented and boring community of players who like to plant their seeds with each other.

• We have quite a few temple owners, who for tax purposes have not came forward.

• We are a questionably good guild. Everyone is welcome to join, provided they have an alignment.

• Our members include many old people, living in their mom's basements playing gods in Godville, who are happy to ask questions.

• We suggest that new members start by friending one of our Sun Team Doormen. The current list of S.T.D.s is

GodNaturalblondchick , GodGoddess Second Place , GodGod BBS950 , GodYree , GodHasantwo , GodNagasaki 

and the rest. If you get a response consider yourself lucky, but in the event that you do, please don't take it to mean we like you.

• We have sock puppet plays every Sunday!

• We have motto scramblers every Wednesdays!

• We have, for elite gods, Awesome God Friday!

Sowing Sun
Motto: You will reap what we sow!
Alignment: Trying hard to be good
Gold Fund: 23739 c.u.
Date Founded: We have not found it yet, but we keep looking.
Membership Count: 172
Town with Greatest Influence: Los Adminos (15391%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 141
Forum Headquarters: Sowing Sun
Guild Page: Sowing Sun 
Data current as of next saturday


(See also the Noh-Wayi Saga)

From across the plains came the sowing Sun. Planters who follow the sun, planting as they go, never to harvest their own crops. The masters of the guild are those who are typically in front of the group, who seek to expand the influence of the sowing Sun through the eventual Harvest.

The sowing Sun
The sowing Sun


In the beginning there was but one question, "Why bother?". Unfortunately, nobody in sowing Sun knew what the answer was. They based all of their future decisions on the fact that nobody knew the answer.

Guild Strongholds

The sowing Sun may have influence in several towns, but once again, to avoid those pesky taxes, we'll never tell. Just know that guild members generally get discounts on their medical care, and may run into a fellow guild-mate along the roads.

Recruitment Policy

The sowing Sun members are too busy planting seeds to actively recruit new members. However, if you are interested in joining our merry band of planters, please friend one of the S.T.D.s. you also get a free 3 year subscription to men's health and 10% off at your local KFC

Arena Policy

We work hand-in-fist with Harvest Moon (after all someone needs to harvest our crops). To learn more about this and their evil aligned guild, friend one of our S.T.D.s or one of the leaders of their guild.

Forum Etiquette

Be nice. No kicking puppies in half, here!

Guild Chronicles

We are ninjas, therefore our chronicles are invisible. Obviously.

Our Sock Puppet Stage

Sock Puppet Plays

To guest write a play for the Sowing Sun and member of any guild just need to contact Naturalblondchick or Hairplug4men as they are the editors of each play.

From the balchony
  1. 01/09/12 “Romeo and Juliet, Go To The Arena”
  2. 1/14/12 “Little Ghost Riding Hood”
  3. 1/22/12 “Deprivus & The Three Golden Hairs”
  4. 1/29/12 “The Three heroes of the Open Bar, Lucky God Casino, and Harvest Moon”
  5. 2/05/12 “The Creation” (first guest written)
  6. 02/11/12 “The Fastest Milkman in Godville” (first musical)
  7. 02/19/12 “A Ghost Story”
  8. 02/26/12 “The Bank Heist”
  9. 3/04/12 “A Detective Story”
  10. 03/11/12 “Pet Graveyard”
  11. 03/18/12 “Deps Adventure”
  12. 03/25/12 “What Lies in Los Adminos” (First Intermission)
  13. 04/15/12 “One Heck of a Party”
  14. 04/22/12 “Sleepless Hollows of Deville”
  15. 04/29/12 “Docter Penguin”
  16. 05/06/12 "What? Another Penguin Story"
  17. 05/13/12 ”It's Nuts”
  18. 6/3/12 "The Moon"
  19. 06/17/12 "The Lady Riddler"

Anonymous Chronicle Wednesday Authors

  1. 04/04/12 GodLisaAlexandra  Heroine LisaAlexandra
  2. 04/04/12 GodKosh  Heroin Delenn
  3. 04/11/12 GodSyprox  Hero Heraclea
  4. 04/11/12 GodWatermelonRZ  Heroine Evil Penguin Lady
  5. 04/11/12 GodJules2  Heroine Jules2
  6. 04/19/12 GodLucidic  Hero Landica
  7. 04/25/12 GodAnwynn  Heroine SkylarB
  8. 04/28/12 GodThe Big Guy Upstairs  Hero The Earthly Saint
  9. 05/02/12 GodNtanil  Hero Ergatis
  10. 05/05/12 GodQuiara  Heroine Fuzzy McLumpkins
  11. 05/10/12 GodKaypendragon  Hero Talat Kamenwat
  12. 05/12/12 GodKatla  Heroine Aoba
  13. 05/17/12 GodStrawberryblonde  Heroine Beach Baby

"Wednesday Motto Scramble"

  1. GodBudapesties  Hero Garwin ♞ye hath been smoted♞ Guessed by GodBellatrixie 
  2. GodAlmighty Bob Returns  Hero Slagasuarus II “Where did I put my hat?” Guessed by GodAlmighty Wi-Fi  and GodDogess 
  3. GodRyou  Hero Noel Einhart “Have a nice trip!” Guessed by GodAres-13  and GodLittle Ghost 
  4. GodThe ANT  Hero Theant “PanGalatic Gargle Blaster” Guessed by GodMistress of Science 
  5. GodNuanen  Hero Arya Drottningu “May your sword stay sharp” Guessed by GodReputed 
  6. GodBellatrixie The Strange  Hero Galldemort “Blood Moon Empress☾” Guessed by GodNuanen 

Awesome God Friday

  1. GodIssu 
  2. GodHairplug4men 


Written By Meldra
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