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| founder = Naturalblondechick
| founder = Naturalblondechick
| number = 90
| number = 90
| town = Bumchester
| town = Godvillewood
| perc = 11
| perc = 20
| gold = 39695
| gold = 39695
| emblem = Yellow_3D.gif‎  
| emblem = Yellow_3D.gif‎  

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!Hero's Diary
23:29: A sudden tremor caused the merchant's rubber mask to fall off, revealing a Sock Elemental in disguise. So that's how monsters get their loot! It hurriedly handed me 643 gold coins to ensure my silence.

Animated-gifs-suns-013.gifSowing Sun Events!
Held three times a week; Sunday, Wednesday & Friday. Don't miss a single one, it'll make you cool!
  1. Sock Puppet Theater
  2. Wiki-Scavenger Wednesday
  3. Awesome God Friday!
A Sowing Sun God
Sowing Sun
Motto: You will reap what we sow!
Alignment: Trying hard to be good
Gold Fund: 39695 c.u.
Date Founded: We have not found it yet, but we keep looking.
Membership Count: 90
Town with Greatest Influence: Godvillewood (20%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 27
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 7
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 5
Forum Headquarters: Sowing Sun
Guild Page: Sowing Sun 
Data current as of next saturday

• We are a weak, fragmented and boring community of players who like to plant their seeds with each other.

• We have quite a few temple owners, who for tax purposes have not came forward.

• We are a questionably good guild. Everyone is welcome to join, provided they have an alignment.

• Our members include many old people, living in their mom's basements man cave playing gods in Godville, who are happy to ask questions.

• We suggest that new members start by friending one of our S.T.D.s (Sun Team Doormen). If you get a response consider yourself lucky, but in the event that you do, please don't take it to mean we like you.

• We are led by our founder GodNaturalblondechick (U • C • T)  and her co-leader GodIduna (U • C • T) . You can friend them, but they may be way too busy abusing the rest of us, err... organizing events to notice.

• Our official W.U.S.S. (Wiki Updater for Sowing Sun) is GodDave Grohl (U • C • T) . Feel free to contact him if you find anything missing or in need of editing... he may or may not do anything about it, but you can try! GodHex4356 (U • C • T)  has stepped up to be our W.U.S.S. in training. He's in charge of daily edits like our current guild pantheon rankings, gold fund, and guild members, so yell at him if you need something done now. He'll fix it if he finds it as important as you do.

• We have sock puppet plays every Sunday!

• We have Guess a Phrase every Wednesdays!

• We have, for elite gods, Awesome God Friday!


Noted for their activeness with in the guild.
GodLiddle Rascal (U • C • T)  GodSanguineus (U • C • T)  GodIduna (U • C • T) 
GodLiveMike (U • C • T)  GodDave Grohl (U • C • T)  GodDa Donn jr (U • C • T) 
GodLifesupport404 (U • C • T)  GodHairplug4men (U • C • T)  GodAurora Eiffel (U • C • T) 
GodGreenwavenick (U • C • T)  GodCommixx (U • C • T)  GodYaksa Yi (U • C • T) 
GodXxEuphoricxX (U • C • T)  GodAndy C (U • C • T)  GodThorny19 (U • C • T) 
GodRICHARDL (U • C • T)  GodRodrigo Augustus (U • C • T)  GodWhit3C1oud (U • C • T) 
GodKnewred (U • C • T)  GodLittle red chicken (U • C • T)  GodHex4356 (U • C • T) 

Current list of STDs
GodNaturalblondechick  GodYree  GodGsanchez 
GodGoddess Second Place  GodBBS950  GodJagnath 
GodThorny19  GodNagasaki  GodLiveMike 
GodHex4356  GodIduna 

• We, of course, are super proud of our T.O.O.T.S. (Temple Owners Of The Sun). Without them and and the glorious edifices erected in their name, the rest of us wouldn't have a single couch, sofa, or futon to crash on. So... Here's to the TOOTS! They're SLACKERS (Spent Lots of Actual Cash Killing Enemies and Raising Skyscrapers) but we love 'em.

Here we Honor our TOOTS
GodAndy C  GodBBS950  GodBrockM 
GodCommixx  GodDave Grohl  GodGourley 
GodHisoka Raizen  GodIduna  GodLiveMike 
GodNagasaki  GodNaturalblondechick  GodOmgdoubleblaron 

TOOTS are listed in alphabetical order because someone is too lazy to do it any other way.


(See also the Noh-Wayi Saga)

From across the plains came the sowing Sun. Planters who follow the sun, planting as they go, never to harvest their own crops. The masters of the guild are those who are typically in front of the group, who seek to expand the influence of the sowing Sun through the eventual Harvest.


In the beginning there was but one question, "Why bother?". Unfortunately, nobody in sowing Sun knew what the answer was. They based all of their future decisions on the fact that nobody knew the answer.

Guild Strongholds

The sowing Sun may have influence in several towns, but once again, to avoid those pesky taxes, we'll never tell. Just know that guild members generally get discounts on their medical care, and may run into a fellow guild-mate along the roads.

Recruitment Policy

The sowing Sun members are too busy planting seeds to actively recruit new members. However, if you are interested in joining our merry band of planters, please friend one of the S.T.D.s. you also get a free 3 year subscription to men's health and 10% off at your local KFC.

Arena Policy

We work hand-in-fist with Harvest Moon (after all someone needs to harvest our crops). To learn more about this and their evil aligned guild, friend one of our S.T.D.s or one of the leaders of their guild.

Forum Etiquette

Be nice. No kicking puppies in half, here!

Famous Guildies

Mad Mike - 45th-level adventurer, member of the “sowing Sun” guild, with the motto “I PEED IN THE POOL!”, stands at the 16th position in the pantheon of creation under the vigilant supervision of the god GodLiveMike . He is known for his disarming smile and ability to wake even the most exhausted comrades with his laughter.

Donald Merwin Elbert - 51st-level adventurer, member of the “sowing Sun” guild, with the motto “くだらない 일”, stands at the 26th position in the pantheon of gladiatorship under the vigilant supervision of the goddess GodNagasaki . The hero has no distinctive features to date; however, he promises to get some before his next appearance.

Sock Puppet Plays

To guest write a play for the Sowing Sun and member of any guild just need to contact GodNaturalblondechick  or GodHairplug4men  as they are the editors of each play.

!Puppeteers' Dairy
Chanced upon a roadside sock puppet theatre. I managed to take in about two minutes of it before being overwhelmed with the desire to cheer madly.

Our Theater
Our first theater  
Our new theater  
From the balcony  
From the stage  
The ceiling (oooooh!)  
Antoher angle  
The backside of the stage  
Expand to see a complete list of puppetry!
609 g.e. “Romeo and Juliet, Go To The Arena”
614 g.e. “Little Ghost Riding Hood”
622 g.e. “Deprivus & The Three Golden Hairs”
629 g.e. “The Three heroes of the Open Bar, Lucky God Casino, and Harvest Moon”
636 g.e. “The Creation” (first guest written)
642 g.e. “The Fastest Milkman in Godville” (first musical)
650 g.e. “A Ghost Story”
657 g.e. “The Bank Heist”
664 g.e. “A Detective Story”
671 g.e. “Pet Graveyard”
678 g.e. “Deps Adventure”
685 g.e. “What Lies in Los Adminos” (First Intermission)
706 g.e. “One Heck of a Party”
713 g.e. “Sleepless Hollows of Deville”
720 g.e. “Docter Penguin”
727 g.e. “What? Another Penguin Story"
734 g.e. ”It's Nuts”
748 g.e. “The Battle of the HPs”
755 g.e. “The Moon”
769 g.e. “The Lady Riddler”
776 g.e. “Crazy Court”
783 g.e. “There's a Man in the Habit of Hitting Me on the Head with an Umbrella”
790 g.e. “Fable: A Tale of Two Sisters”
797 g.e. “Fable: The Journey”
804 g.e. “Fable: The Spire”
818 g.e. “Carnival of Carnivores”
825 g.e. “They're Made Out of Meat”
832 g.e. “SBFH and the Fanged Minitaur”
839 g.e. “Raw Head and Bloody Bones”
846 g.e. “Dogess and the Troll”
853 g.e. “What Happens in Beerburgh, Stays in Beerburgh”
860 g.e. “Iduna's Funeral”
867 g.e. “Without Us”
874 g.e. “The Return of Hairplug4men”
881 g.e. “Caius' Chickens”
888 g.e. “NaturalBlondeChick(en) Little: The Sky is Falling”
895 g.e. “In Honor of a Great Man” (a musical)
902 g.e. “Casino Wars”
909 g.e. “Tricks, But No Treats”
916 g.e. “A Brief Instructional Video”
923 g.e. “The Real World: Godville”
930 g.e. “Kill Hp4m: Volume 1 Righting Wrongs
937 g.e. “Kill Hp4m: Volume 2 Fatal Flaw
944 g.e. “Twas the Night...”
951 g.e. “Kill Hp4m: Volume 3 Retribution
958 g.e. “The Twelve Days of Christmas”
965 g.e. “Burma: The Beginning”
972 g.e. “Romeo and Juliet ...ish”
979 g.e. “The Strange Journey of Bellatrixie The Strange”
986 g.e. “Sowing Sun Puppet Friends”
993 g.e. “Burma: The Capture”
1000 g.e. “The Return of Hairplug4men: part II”
1007 g.e. “Burma: Epona’s Peril”
1010 g.e. “Happy Valentine's Day!”
1014 g.e. “Not The Best Holiday”

Anonymous Chronicle Wednesday Authors

g.e. God or Godess
695 g.e. GodLisaAlexandra 
695 g.e. GodKosh 
702 g.e. GodSyprox 
702 g.e. GodWatermelonRZ 
702 g.e. GodJules2 
710 g.e. GodLucidic 
716 g.e. GodAnwynn 
719 g.e. GodThe Big Guy Upstairs 
723 g.e. GodNtanil 
726 g.e. GodQuiara 
731 g.e. GodKaypendragon 
733 g.e. GodKatla 
738 g.e. GodStrawberryblonde 

"Wednesday Motto Scramble"

God Motto Guessed by
GodBudapesties  Hero Garwin ♞ye hath been smoted♞ GodBellatrixie 
GodAlmighty Bob Returns  Hero Slagasuarus II “Where did I put my hat?” GodAlmighty Wi-Fi  and GodDogess 
GodRyou  Hero Noel Einhart “Have a nice trip!” GodAres-13  and GodLittle Ghost 
GodThe ANT  Hero Theant “PanGalatic Gargle Blaster” GodMistress of Science 
GodNuanen  Hero Arya Drottningu “May your sword stay sharp” GodReputed 
GodBellatrixie The Strange  Hero Galldemort “Blood Moon Empress☾” GodNuanen 
GodPreachy Lopnor  Hero Nylorac “♦*♣ Luck be a Lady!♣*♦” GodMerida 
GodViolent Angel  Hero Violet Fox “Everyday is a party day!” GodNicosa 
GodName Not Found  Hero Jackanol “Motto not found!” GodMistress of Science 

"Guess A Phrase Wednesday"

g.e. God or Goddess Phrase
800 g.e. GodPopcorngod  Cliff of Unrequited Love
807 g.e. GodSBFH  Somersault through the navel
814 g.e. GodNenalata  Senses never forget
828 g.e. GodSBFH  roll of virtual dice
835 g.e. GodTaquitos  A message from a benevolent god
849 g.e. GodTaquitos  VIP card holder status revoked
863 g.e. GodDoctor Frank-n-furter  home to the Fountain of Youth
863 g.e. GodMistress Of Science  portable photon generator

"Wiki-Scavenger Wednesday"

g.e. God or Goddess
912 g.e. GodNever More 
919 g.e. GodArtemys 
933 g.e. GodBellatrixie The Strange 
947 g.e. GodNyx 
975 g.e. GodDoctor Frank-n-furter 

Awesome God Friday

  1. GodIssu  Adored by Hairplug4men
  2. GodHairplug4men  Adored by Dogess
  3. GodLittle Ghost  Adored by Naturalblondechick
  4. GodDogess  Adored by Little Ghost
  5. GodSarika Nepartak  Adored by SBFH
  6. GodAurlord  Adored by The ANT
  7. GodMeldra  Adored by King of Popstar
  8. GodNenalata  Adored by Nuanen
  9. GodFreerider  Adored by Preachy Lopnor
  10. GodCeccetticat  Adored by Taquitos
  11. GodShannonus  Adored by Budapesties
  12. GodBelteshazzar  Adored by Ceccetticat
  13. GodNuanen  Adored by Shannonus
  14. GodTheGourdGod  Adored by Xzzwxs
  15. GodSBFH  Adored by Sarika Nepartak
  16. GodErona  Adored by Lady Shadows
  17. GodVorpal /GodTchulmaak  Adored by Sniper404
  18. GodJimbob64  Adored by Little Coyote
  19. GodTrentos  Adored by Iduna
  20. GodBellatrixie The Strange  Adored by Lady Darkness
  21. GodSniper404  Adored by Amanda83
  22. GodRavenvalykre  Adored by Never More
  23. GodElfen  Adored by Vorpal
  24. GodLady Shadows  Adored by Kagehime
  25. GodRaindropstop  Adored by Trent Gretlein
  26. GodBudapesties  Adored by Jimbob64
  27. GodLittle Coyote  Adored by Kure
  28. GodKure  Adored by Raindropstop
  29. GodDevildog  Adored by Epona Dernhelm
  30. GodPreachy Lopnor  Adored by Freerider
  31. GodLady Darkness  Adored by Doctor Frank-n-furter
  32. GodIduna  Adored by Knewred
  33. GodDoctor Frank-n-furter  Adored by Zeerty
  34. GodAmanda83  Adored by Artsonian


Written By Katie Scarlett  
Written By Box  
Written By Box  
Playing 923 g.e. Written by: GodJarlbank (U • C • T)  & GodDogess (U • C • T)   
Playing 909 g.e. Written by Iduna/Epona  
Written by Iduna/Epona  
Written by Lady Shadows  
Written by Foxxy Chicken  
Written By Nenalata  
Written By Nuanan  
Written by HP  
Written By Meldra Kill bill2.JPG