Soul Reapers

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Soul Reapers
Alignment: Humane 
Gold Fund:  46828 c.u.
Date Founded: around 1 year ago
Membership Count: 137
Town with Greatest Influence: Los Adminos (3%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 42
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 18
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 96
Forum Headquarters: [1] Soul Reapers]
Guild Page: [2] Soul Reapers ]
Data current as of 18th November 2012

• We are Soul Reapers. Some call us Death Gods here to bring balance. We save the souls of the innocent, and we slay the souls of the damned. We stand in Awe, which cannot be seen. We live for the Cause, Not for the Effect. For we are all Soul Reapers. We may not be at the top of all the guild pantheons, but we are the best guild.

• To join, simply put

"Join the Soul Reapers guild"

in the voice of god box. It is best to do this when your hero is not fighting or in a town.

• If your hero is silly enough to try and leave us by starting another guild joining quest, put "cancel quest" or "stop quest" in the voice of god box. This may take up to 20 tries, but don't stop trying until you're successful! If you are having trouble with your hero not listening to you, post it in the guild chat and one of the members will do their best to help. We are trying to implement a god charge gifting program to help out our members!

Anyone who wants to join us is welcome to join. We are a good guild right now but we accept everyone. Everyone is welcome to join, even if they have an evil alignment.

• Our 137 members include some of the oldest and most experienced gods in Godville, who are happy to answer your questions and resolve any problems that you might have.

• We have 11 temple owners as of 18th November 2012. They are GodSaint Alvis  , GodEhatanai  , GodFred Flintstone  , GodTcrb  , GodMAJORmanGINA  , GodMary1  , GodRowanro  , GodWilsonodk  , GodErrenden  , GodFenix Zeratul  , and GodTainda  . They keep our stats high so that all our members (we hope) receive a continual supply of gold and other rewards such as equipment and bricks.

• We also have a few members which are close to finishing their temples. As of 18th November 2012 the gods that have acquired at least 70% of the bricks needed for their temples are:

 GodDystopiaNoir  with 95.2%
 GodScanndalus  with 87.6%
 GodFlayer  with 87.3%
 GodGreat Thing  with 82.4%
 GodMindlessRanman  with 82.2%
 GodKelman  with 81.1%
 GodWingmonkey86  with 78.3%
 GodSenior Chief  with 76.8%
 GodDjmorgan16  with 73.1%

• Once you join Soul Reapers, you might wonder what you can do to help the guild. According to several sources on Godwiki, the best way to help us is to encourage or punish your hero when they are in a town. This will increase our guild's influence in the town, helping to increase our popularity in the world of Godville.

• As of 18th November 2012 our ranks in the guild pantheons are: Unity 42, Popularity 18 and Aggressiveness 96. We are striving to improve these stats and hopefully become more famous in the world of Godville!

• However, we cannot do this without your help!

• Feel free to look at our forum headquarters and our stats page, this will give you more information about us.