Somersault squatting

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Type: Combat skill

This skill is also directly related to somersault through the navel. Your hero will need to go to the gym and drink protein shakes to level up this skill.

Examples of the skill getting used in combat: The 'monster' was shocked by the power of my 'somersault squatting' skill.

Level 1 - 5

Your hero can barely pat his head and rub his belly at the same time without getting confused.

Level 6-10

Your hero gets dizzy bending over or doing jumping jacks.

Level 11-15

Your hero is still failing in gym class, but as an added bonus they get to help someone else do an ice bucket water challenge. Take that, <insert random cause here>!

Level 16-20

Your hero can bend at the knees while standing up and not feel lightheaded.

Level 21+

Your hero can finally do a somersault, dealing do damage while squatting to avoid damage. The squat itself also increases the health through a thing called relief syndrome. This is where you have such a relief, that you gain health. Unfortunately, your heart rate has to be high in order to do this meaning you need to do an aerobic activity such as, oh, bowling into an opponent or monster.