Snowy Leopard

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Snowy Leopard
Champion of the God: Jaguar of Awesome
Personality: saucy
Gender: Male
Level: 61
Motto: Hummus is yummus!
Guild: Breadsticks
Guild Rank: Patriarch
Guild Position: Toothpaste Consistency Regulator
Wins / Losses: 23 / 12
Temple Completion Date: June 11, 2019
Ark Completion Date: N/A
Pairs Gathered Date: N/A
Retirement Date: N/A
Current Savings: 2M, 245k
Pet Type: Stripeless Zebra
Pet Name: Behemoth
Pet Level: 33
Pet Personality: Long-lived
Pet Healing Count: 4
Favorite Town: Unspecifiedistan
Largest Ever Gold: 37,026
Most Hated Monster: Omnomnomnivore
Personal Rival: Doug the Doug

Snowy Leopard is a 61st level hero. His hobbies include fishing, drinking, playing ping-pong, pong, beer pong, any kind of pong really. He has found and assembled all the pieces of a temple, as well as raised his pet beyond Level 30. Snowy Leopard has a couple friendly little rivalries with Zari Tallson and Doug the Doug. He likes them, really he does, he just thinks that they'll take him more seriously if he completes his goals before them.

How to Build a Temple

  1. Go on a quest.
  2. Kill a few dozen monsters.
  3. Don't get struck by lightning.
  4. Go to town and sell off loot.
  5. Get your gold melted into gold bricks.
  6. Complete a quest.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6.
  8. Duel in the Arena.
  9. Fight boss-monsters.
  10. When doing steps 8 & 9, try not to lose.

Note: You get to choose when you go to the Arena or when you fight a boss-monster.

Depending on how fast you finish quests, how often you win duels, and how many times your gold gets "bricked", you can finish pretty quickly. 1000 bricks is a lot, but the monstrous task is all worth it.

How to Build an Ark

  1. Understand that gopher wood is rarer than golden bricks are.
  2. Complete epic quests.
  3. Graciously accept the generous donations in the temple.
  4. Conquer your fear of dungeons.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until it's finished.

The faster you complete epic quests, the faster the building process will go. That being said, you should finish normal quests quickly too so you can get that epic quest sooner. Dungeons are also good for speeding up the process. Eventually, your ark will be finished. It's sea-worthy now, but don't forget to add onto it and make it better and more robust.