Snowy Leopard

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Snowy Leopard
Champion of the God: Jaguar of Awesome
Personality: pure good
Gender: Male
Level: 56
Motto: Hummus is yummus!
Guild: Breadsticks
Guild Rank: Patriarch
Guild Position: Toothpaste Consistency Regulator
Wins / Losses: 23 / 12
Temple Completion Date: June 11, 2019
Ark Completion Date: N/A
Pairs Gathered Date: N/A
Retirement Date: N/A
Current Savings: 1M, 436k
Pet Type: Stripeless Zebra
Pet Name: Behemoth
Pet Level: 28
Pet Personality: Infernal
Pet Healing Count: 2
Favorite Town: Unspecifiedistan
Largest Ever Gold: 37,026
Most Hated Monster: Omnomnomnivore
Personal Rival: Doug the Doug

Snowy Leopard is a 56th level hero. His hobbies include fishing, drinking, playing ping-pong, beer pong, any kind of pong really. He has found and assembled all the pieces of a temple. Snowy Leopard has a couple friendly little rivalries with Zari Tallson and Doug the Doug. He likes them, really he does, he just thinks that they'll take him more seriously if he completes his goals before them.