Snowy Leopard

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Snowy Leopard
Champion of the God: Jaguar of Awesome
Personality: pure good
Gender: Male
Level: 56
Motto: What's a motto with you?
Guild: Breadsticks
Guild Rank: Patriarch
Guild Position: Beer Tester
Wins / Losses: 23 / 12
Temple Completion Date: June 11, 2019
Ark Completion Date: N/A
Pairs Gathered Date: N/A
Retirement Date: N/A
Current Savings: 1M, 381k
Pet Type: Stripeless Zebra
Pet Name: Behemoth
Pet Level: 26
Pet Personality: Unbeatable
Pet Healing Count: 2
Favorite Town: Unspecifiedistan
Largest Ever Gold: 37,026
Most Hated Monster: Omnomnomnivore
Personal Rival: Doug the Doug

Snowy Leopard is a 56th level hero. His hobbies include fishing, drinking, playing ping-pong, beer pong, any kind of pong really. He has found and assembled all the pieces of a temple.