Snowy Leopard

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Snowy Leopard is a 54th level hero. His hobbies include fishing, drinking, playing ping-pong, beer pong, any kind of pong really. He has found and assembled all the pieces of a temple.

Snowy Leopard
Champion of the God: Jaguar of Awesome
Personality: pure good
Gender: Male
Level: 54
Motto: What's a motto with you?
Guild: Breadsticks
Guild Rank: Patriarch
Guild Position: Beer Tester
Wins / Losses: 23 / 12
Temple Completion Date: June 11, 2019
Ark Completion Date: N/A
Pairs Gathered Date: N/A
Retirement Date: N/A
Current Savings: 1M, 114k
Pet Type: Stripeless Zebra
Pet Name: Behemoth
Pet Level: 25
Pet Personality: Unbeatable
Pet Healing Count: 2
Favorite Town: Unspecifiedistan
Largest Ever Gold: 23667
Most Hated Monster: Omnomnomnivore
Personal Rival: Doug the Doug


I was born at a very young age. In fact, it has been said that I was the youngest person ever born! As I grew older, I also grew bigger, eventually reaching my current stature. One day, I was walking through the forest, thinking about how awesome it would be to be a hero, when I saw a large cat up ahead. It was flickering between a tiger, a jaguar, a leopard, a lion, a cheetah, and a snow leopard. I was entranced. It said to me, "Which do you like best? I'm trying to choose an outfit for a party." I fell over in shock, but said "I like the jaguar best." "Awesome." It said.

I followed it for awhile. Either it didn't notice me, or it pretended not to. After several minutes, it turned around and said: "Do you want something?" I told him that I wanted to be a hero. He told me that I didn't want to be a hero. I disagreed. We argued back and forth for awhile, until finally he said "Fine. Build me a temple out of golden bricks, kill that monster over there, and complete this quest completion form."

The jaguar floated into the sky and I killed the monster. I tried to complete the form, but all it told me was to kill about 80 more monsters. So I did, and as I was doing so, I kept getting blasted with healing energy. While I was in town, this same influence sometimes stole thousands of coins from my pouch and turned them into golden bricks. That's when I realized that while I had to build this temple, and find most of the materials, I was going to get a little help.

After seven months of furious questing, I finally found the last golden brick and placed it at the top of the temple. As soon as I did, golden light engulfed the entire thing, and the Jaguar appeared in the center of the temple. He turned to me and said: "Just to let you know, there might be a little rain coming..." I asked him what he meant, and he said: "You should build an ark. Just in case." I told him that I wanted to retire soon, and he said "Save up 30 million gold coins and you can retire in luxury. Or you can retire now, live in poverty for the rest of your life, and not be resurrected ever again." To me at least, the choice was obvious.