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Boss-Monsters of Godville
Class Abomin-immobile Snowbeast
Habitat Snow!
Description A self-building snowman
Boss Type Above-Ground
Part Level Level 1–2

The Snowman is a boss monster that comes to Godville with the Christmas season, first appearing in 2016.

Enter the Snowman

The Snowman can appear at any given moment and anywhere, when not in town. Well, that's what you might think if you were a hero. The more observant God or Goddess might notice a connection between the appearance of this fearsome snowbeast and the existence of ❄️ artifacts in the hero's inventory. Whenever the hero has three, this monster might appear, a connection no hero has yet made as they blindly continue to pick up and sell these at will.

When 3 or more of these are gathered the Snowman can build himself!

Snowflakes formed into snowballs. Snowballs turned into a snowdrift. From the snowdrift majestically arose the Snowman

After this spectacular feat, most of its energies are used up, and the result is as follows.

Dueling Snow

Having no energy left and nothing really on the line since the Snowman can always create itself anew, the Snowman doesn't fight, but rather sits there and watches as the hero fights a pile of snow. The Snowman secretly laughs at the hero's every move, especially when the ends up hurting themself. After its mission is complete and it has wasted enough of the hero's time, it dissipates into a pile of snow again, going back to its snow friends to laugh at the stupid hero fighting snow. However, it sometimes leaves behind a collection of Christmas artifacts which, while useless for the hero, can be activated by the God for no Godpower and all sorts of free stuff can be found!

Excerpts from A Heroes diary:

Snowman stands still.

Snowman is not blinking.

Snowman is not moving.

Hero tried to use a skill. Snowman roared with laughter — does he even know how to use “[skill]”? (This deals damage to the hero.)

Snowman is still frozen.


  • Has no nerves and so, feels no pain
  • Has no face due to lack of materials and can use this non-face to creep the hero out
  • Is in possession of powerful magic


  • Exhausts those powerful magics before the fighting even starts
  • Is immobile and can't fight back
  • Is made of snow and if left alone long enough, will lose the battle with the sun by melting
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