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* Prone to paper cuts
* Prone to paper cuts
* May be bribed if a {{hero or heroine}} has '''exactly 20''' [[gold coin]]s
* May be bribed if a {{hero or heroine}} has '''exactly 20''' [[gold coin]]s
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Monsters of Godville
Slender Man
Homo gracilis
Slender Man In Forest.jpg
Class possibly demon
Habitat dense, dark forests
Artifact cloth voodon't doll
Description A tall, thin, balding man...thing

The Slender Man (Homo gracilis) is a monster that is 8 feet tall and is more elegantly dressed than most monsters.

The Slender Man is known to live in deep dark forests, so it can ambush forest animals like deer, hares and the occasional bear. Unfortunate to itself, it only attracts humans. It is very aware if this and chooses to take out its rage on the heroes unlucky enough to encounter it. In terms of strength, it is somewhat frail, it's just that heroes either can't see it without fainting of fright, so they end up swinging at the air 95% of the time. The name Slender Man refers to not only its abnormal size, but the fact that it is always hungry due to the lack of animals for food.



  • Death stare
  • Night vision
  • Very classy


  • No hands
  • Social activity
  • Prone to paper cuts
  • May be bribed if a hero has exactly 20 gold coins