Sleepless Hollow

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An ancient and peculiar place that has a curse as strange as can be. Any and all creatures that enter the hollow no longer require sleep. While some people would find this not to be very much trouble, it has implications that are initially unexpected. While the place isn't as phsycotically dangerous as the Wastelands of Insomnia, the sleep deprivation can sometimes hurt the Hero. He os she may start to hallucinate, hear more God vioces than usual, and may become so tired from lack of sleep that they don't attack monsters here. Speaking of monsters, they have all evolved to the point where just sitting down and closing their eyes for a few minutes gives the samw effect as a nap. Because of this new adaptation, Heroes must be on guard 24/7 to keep from dying. Unfortunately, being in this constant state of alert takes a heavy toll on the body and the hero may lose health because of it. However, despite the danger, many monks, priests, and the occasional religious Hero will stop by to enter a state of constant meditation for days on end, only leaving after a week fir supplies or when attacked several times.


The Sleepless Hollow is like the female cousin of the Wastelands of Insomnia. It has some positive aspects, yes, but the danger is somewhat the same. Still sleepless, still barren, and still mentally unstable. The place is brighter, has more plants and sunshine, and even has rolling hills covered in grass. The land is a bit higher than sea level, so it is a bit harder to navigate. As for the location, it is directly west of Anville. The place is half the size of its counterpart, so Heroes have the option of going around to reach Anville, but well equipped ones can traverse the land easily, so long as they're fast on their feet.