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Guild '''Slayers''' consists basically of dark Slayers and to it of sympathizing light game minority.
I keel you!
All know that Slayers share on Slayers Clever, Slayers with (.)(.) And Slayers greedy that in aggregate makes Perfection. These dangerous beings specialize on murder. They kill everything, from time and own health to technics. And, certainly, drawing up of plans and strategy at such volume of daily works is considered impossible and not necessary. Always there will be an object for the murder, which Slayers will ruin, using exclusively intuition and a set of improvised materials.
While for the ordered community any ranks, classes and divisions, Perfection not in forces are important to be broken off and solve, what quality should predominate – Mind, (.)(.), or Avidity, therefore all are solved by the momentary internal struggle, scraps of wool flying every which way and hares in blood. Result – some kind of natural selection and evolution with the subsequent development of each of Perfection components.
We accept all. Your mission – to survive and kill.
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I keel you!