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A guild from English Godville. Slaves to Armok has the highest gold fund of the server. I'm going to keep this short and sweet, no lengthy description. It is simply that Slaves to Armok is so awesome, that it has spikes of Adamantine and that it can not be expressed by words, just a feeling of greatness.


When the guild was formed, most of it's members were Dwarfs, most of whom were named Urist. As the guild grew, many humans joined the guild as well. Many of these dwarfs built great fortresses into mountains and built great civilizations. Some (rather stupidly) even breached hell. All of the dwarfs worshiped their god, Armok, hence the name.

The Blood God's subjects are prone to building massive, wonderful and architectural masterpieces out of soap, ice, and- crystal Glass. They occasionally use normal stones like Obsidian cast from custom built Obsidian forges, built into the sides of active volcanoes.

The Slaves to Armok can also be somewhat unstable as seen in the Dwarven Artefact's industry, where feats of Quantum building are demonstrated in Limestone Statue's like Planepacked[1]

If short of building Materials we often cause needless bloodshed like in Boatmurdered[2], or try and flood large areas with Magma drawn from the deep.

There are three things which Armok's children fear above all else:-

1. Booze shortages

2. Kittens

3. Carp