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What choo talkin' bout? Gary Coleman is the utmost God of this guild.
Ok, so Gary Coleman may not be the utmost god to this guild, but who are we to judge. 
just thought that I would add a little info here for those who come looking.  My name is
Ossarie, I'm #2 on the guild list, and know the guy who created the guild.  We all started out as
a bunch of co-workers who got interested in the game.  I looks like there are only 3 of us left here at the
moment.  We don't achieve a whole lot, and we don't slide too far either.  We have been encouraging our champions when
we get to Tradeburg trying to increase our guild influence there. 
I do check the guild list about once a week to see what changes have occurred. If you would like to talk to me, try hitting
me up in the guild chat or if all else fails, friend me and drop me a note.

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