Slap of the whale

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Slap of the whale

Type: Combat Skill

The Slap of the whale is a combat skill wherein the hero or heroine slaps the enemy as if they were a whale and had a huge tail. It is also said to be called this due to the high screech that eminates from the hero or heroine when using this skill similar to that of a whale talking.

A myth behind the creation of this skill is that while a lone hero was snorkeling, a whale slapped them silly for intruding in their waters. The hero was lucky to survive. The whale slapped him so hard that he flew from the water and landed safely on some sharp rocks. After the god resurrected the hero, they began to practice the whale's technique to one day better the beast at it's own game. Everyone is pretty sure the hero is permanently dead at this point.


Level 1-5

The hero sounds like a beached whale, and people tend to avoid him or her.

Level 6-10

The hero is able to call other whales as mates, but is unable to really hurt anyone with this level of skill.

Level 11-15

The hero may make people tell stories of the famous hero that got eaten by a whale, which tends to be painful for everyone involved because of its repetition.

Level 16 - 20

The hero emits a high screech, flapping his arms in an arc, hitting any enemy (or friend) close enough. The screech sounds a lot like chalk on a blackboard, causing the enemy (and friends) to want to take a sword to the heroes' head in order to silence him/her!

Level 21+

The hero takes a mackerel whale and slaps their enemies with it, knocking the skeleton out - free from any skin, feathers, or fur!