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Can you feel the power?

Skills are heroines's special abilities they can learn and use on their journeys. Goddesses have strictly no influence on both the learning and the use of those skills by their champions.[1]

There are three types of skills:

Follow this link to see the complete List of Skills.

General Information

A skill gets more powerful as its level increases, and heroines may use that skill more often.

How to get

The first skill heroines learn is acquired at level 15. For every 3 levels thereafter, they might learn a new skill, but it is not guaranteed, up to a maximum of 10 skills. Sometimes, they may randomly exchange one skill for another skill of the same level but not necessarily of the same category. This can happen during healing, with an occasional payment of gold to the hero, or during any trading occasion.

Some activatable artifacts also offer to swap a skill with another against 50% of godpower.

Swap during healing

!Hero's Diary
17:10 A group of scientists offered me 1303 coins to be their lab rat. A barrage of pills, multiple injections, hours of prodding and numerous complications later, they discovered how to swap my “cry of horror” skill with the “effect of the groundhog” skill! If only they knew how to reverse the effect.

Swap during trading

!Hero's Diary
09:44 I couldn’t miss this great deal and changed my boring “thumb blowing” skill to the new exciting “iron vortex” skill of the same level. Oh, boy, I love this customer service!


All skills have a level, which dictates the potency of the skill. These levels will increase over time via two different means:

  • In a town, by spending approximately 500 x the skill level to be attained gold coins.
  • Upgrading it for free through practice. Many believe this is a cumulative process, but occasional instances of the same skill being upgraded twice in rapid succession suggest that there is instead a random chance of the skill being upgraded each time it is used.

Combat Skills


Combat skills are rather straightforward. Straight in the face of the heroines' foes, whether they are monsters or other heroines. Using those skills, the adventurers may do extra damage to their opponent and may even steal a little portion of their health.

As with any attack, heroines may fail when trying to use a skill, missing their opponent or damaging both fighters in the process.

Similarly to the other skills, Goddesses and Gods have no influence on the uses of combat skills in battles. Combat skills give no advantage in the arena — just like any other kind of attack, heroines and heroes may or may not use them, with the same chance of success and damage regardless of level.

Trade Skills


Heroines can use their Trade skills when dealing with traders, either in towns or with travelling merchants. Those sneaky traders often manage to rip off the unsuspecting adventurers so this type of skill is quite handy for such occasions.

percentage of discount/premium = 30 + level of skill[2]

Cost-benefit analysis of upgrade

The "benefits" of upgrading a trading skill are almost invariably not worth the training costs. While the 31 percent increase in loot yield of obtaining the first level has its merits (especially since it's free), the increase to level 2 is only 0.76% higher[3]. Thus, at level 2, a hero would have to sell items worth 131,000 at base value in order to break even with the 1,000 gold of training cost versus staying at level 1. In other words, it is quite unlikely for your hero to have recovered the costs of training previous level before paying to upgrade again.

Conceivably, by skill level 10, a hero may have to sell a completed temple's weight in gold to justify the amount spent on tuition for each increase! (See table below)

Level Additional cost to obtain level Yield increase Additional sales to break-even vs. unskilled Additional sales to justify last upgrade Cumulative sales to recover last upgrade in gold bricks
1 free 31.000%
2 1000 0.763% 3125 131000 44
3 1500 0.758% 4545 198000 110
4 2000 0.752% 5882 266000 198
5 2500 0.746% 7143 335000 310
6 3000 0.741% 8333 405000 445
7 3500 0.735% 9459 476000 604
8 4000 0.730% 10526 548000 786
9 4500 0.725% 11538 621000 993
10 5000 0.719% 12500 695000 1225
11 5500 0.714% 13415 770000 1482
12 6000 0.709% 14286 846000 1764
13 6500 0.704% 15116 923000 2071
14 7000 0.699% 15909 1001000 2405
15 7500 0.694% 16667 1080000 2765
16 8000 0.690% 17391 1160000 3152
17 8500 0.685% 18085 1241000 3565
18 9000 0.680% 18750 1323000 4006
19 9500 0.676% 19388 1406000 4475
20 10000 0.671% 20000 1490000 4972
21 10500 0.667% 20588 1575000 5497
22 11000 0.662% 21154 1661000 6050
23 11500 0.658% 21698 1748000 6633
24 12000 0.654% 22222 1836000 7245
25 12500 0.649% 22727 1925000 7887
26 13000 0.645% 23214 2015000 8558
27 13500 0.641% 23684 2106000 9260
28 14000 0.637% 24138 2198000 9993
29 14500 0.633% 24576 2291000 10757
30 15000 0.629% 25000 2385000 11552

Of course, there is no way to stop your hero from "investing" in their skills other than to keep the amount of coins in hand low, such as by converting gold coins into gold bricks via encouragement before they can spend it. Moreover, having a trading skill is probably still better than not having one at all, as demonstrated by the third column. Furthermore, purchasing is not the only way to level up skills.

Transportation Skill


The Transportation skills (also referred as Transport) are no good for fighting, trading, or gold brick making. These skills instead allow heroines to jump from milestone to milestone like a flea on steroids. These skills can be especially useful for times when champions have to go back a long distance to heal, get a new quest, or simply drop off their loot.

Normally, heroines progress by one milestone every minute or so. With those skills, adventurers can go past many of those pesky milestones in a shorter time. This greatly reduces the time spent on the dangerous roads of Godville.

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Notes & References

  1. Exception made of the Book of skill that can switch one of the heroine's skill to a new one.
  2. Assuming the admins design the game fairly, the formula for should be as discount price = normal price / ( 1 + (30 + skill level ) / 100 ). By the multiplicative property of equality, this formula would result buying skills being equally beneficial selling skills at any level. If instead the formula were discount price = normal price * (1 - (30 + skill level)/100)) then a hero with a discount level of 70 could theoretically buy all items for free (under the former formula, a level 70 buying skill would equal to a 50% discount).
  3. 0.0076 = 1.32/1.31 - 1