Sir Render

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Strong Monsters of Godville
Sir Render
Strong Monster
Class Cyborg
Habitat Wastelands
Description An Ex-knight with transplanted robotic organs as an Experiment

The Sir Render is a monster.


Once an honorary member of the royal guard of Ixx, Sir Render was trained in the ways of the "knights of the roundtoit". When the knights get a roundtoit, the knights are sworn to protect the lands in which they are born. He has since then been biologically transmutated into a killbot by Deff Company, after the Kingdom of Ixx was bought out by foreign investors. They recalibrated his genetic makeup into a biological symbiote.


He latches onto unsuspecting heroes, causing their shadows to lengthen during the day and disappear at night or attempts to take over the souls of unsuspecting heroes by entering the mouth, or by becoming the speck of dust that rubs the corner of your eye and will _not_ come out. His weight causes backpacks to become heavier over time.

His weaknesses include: being woken up early in the morning, engaging in any type of games with complex rules, tombstone pizza, exorcists with a bioengineering degree, cupcakes with candy sprinkles on top, and holding doors open for female heroes.

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