Sir Nonnaly

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Sir Nonnaly was knighted by the great Nonnal himself on 480 g.e. Little is known about the past of this virtuous hero.

Sir Nonnaly's Chronicles

The hero's chronicles may be found on the profile page of the great GodNonnal .


The following statistics will be updated every 15 days.

Statistics at beginning of age 15 days:

  • Monsters killed: 1522
  • Death Count: 1
  • Wins/Losses: 13/2
  • Bricks for Temple: 2.3%
  • Gratitude rank: 127
  • Unity rank: 24 (intern for Jade Butterfly)
  • Gladiatorship rank: 3674
  • Creation rank: 483 (virtuous)
  • 11:32 Felt a burning desire to disassemble the deus ex machina. Found a notarized document inside stating that I've died fewer times than I thought. Nice.