Silver Raven Piracy Guild

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Silver Raven Piracy Guild
Motto: Pillage, Plunder, and Party!
Alignment: humane
Totem Monster: Pirate of The 7 Cs
Gold Fund: 26242 c.u.
Leader: GodNever More 
Date Founded: October 1, 2012
Membership Count: 111
Pantheon of unity Rank: 256
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 342
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 55
Forum Headquarters: Silver Raven Piracy Guild
Guild Page: Silver Raven Piracy Guild 
Data current as of April 21, 2015

Ahoy to all pirates, sailors, crooks, brigands, privateers and scoundrels, and welcome to the Silver Raven Piracy Guild! Unlike guilds that try to rule the world, protect the weak, worship nonexistent gods or just fight people, the Piracy Guild is a gathering place for those who seek the true source of happiness: money! Oh, and a few rums would be nice, too.


One day, while Alicia the Moderately Cunning was slaughtering innocent monsters, extorting poor villagers, and otherwise minding her own business, she found herself suddenly attacked off the coast of Last Resort by pirates, who proceeded to steal all of her gold and valuables, but only after they regaled her with stories about the hardships they had suffered while trying to find a piece of something and become the prince of pirates.

Fortunately, Alicia was able to use her half a brain (Which is absolutely more than most heroes have!) to escape. While sitting at the bar that night, however, she realized an important and shocking truth; pirates make a ton of money! Who knows how many beers those guys could afford (When their victims don't kindly accept their being robbed of course)! With that, a new guild, the Silver Raven Piracy Guild, was created!


To make money through any means, including thievery, piracy, robbery, scams, and any other illegal methods.

  • Money cannot and will not be taken from any other guild members. If you aren't getting your gold from outside sources, then we aren't really getting richer!

The Three R's

Pun intended.


  1. Get gold.
  2. Repeat step 1


Yes, I know it says rates. On the open waters, we do not call them ranks; they are called rates. Get it? Good. Now, there are thirteen rates to match each of the thirteen ranks you get after being in a guild for a certain period of time. For the requirements for each rate, see the Guilds page and look under Membership.

The thirteen rates are:

  1. Apprentice
  2. Seaman
  3. Petty Officer
  4. Chief
  5. Senior Chief
  6. Master Chief
  7. Ensign
  8. Lieutenant
  9. Commander
  10. Captain
  11. Commodore
  12. Admiral
  13. Lord Admiral


Every so often, pirates will band together for a Raid, a wonderful time when men and women who normally work only by themselves or their crews work as a group to make more money than usual through plundering of targets larger than they would normally take on alone. And at the end of a successful raid is always a Raid party, where everyone celebrates their new riches by comparing loot, drinking rum and making merry.


Although Raids are a guild event, anyone is permitted to join. Usually, we will choose a target guild known for having a special treasure (something encrusted with jewels or set in gold will do nicely), and then send out scouts to look at the defenses. Once we work out a battle plan, everyone participating in the Raid will assault the target guild simultaneously (or at the same time for those of you too lazy to pick up a dictionary) and take whatever they can, hopefully including the target treasure.

If the Raid proves to be a success, then the guild will hold a Raid Party, a weekend long affair where anyone can come as long as they either joined in the Raid or bring snacks. If you decide to come to one of these parties, feel free to stuff yourself on delicious entrées like the Plunderer's Treasure and have a drink of our special Ship in a Beer Bottle.

Raid Trophies

This is a list of the trophies the guild has collected from Raids. If you think one of the items on this list belongs to you, we will be happy to return the object for free, plus delivery charges equal to three times the value of the item.

  • Diamond Shaker


In order to protect our claims on other people's gold help protect the people of Godville and their precious belongings, the Silver Raven Piracy Guild hosts two pantheons!

Pantheon of Shadows

As you may know, the rivalry between pirates and ninjas has been going on since people had time to wonder which was better (pirates). Those who have helped in settling this rivalry for the right side will be honored in the Pantheon of Shadows!

Rank God/Goddess Number of Ninjas Defeated
1 GodStickyorder  25
2 GodNever More  16
3 GodSupermaam  15
4 GodBellaouthena  11
5 GodCleanfreak  9
6 GodNASCAR Fanatic  9
7 GodNekomancer  8
8 GodRa-wizard Of Orz  6
9 GodChick Magnet  5
10 GodThorbjoern  4
11 GodSarahAnnePDX  4
12 GodLuke the Almighty  4
13 GodOmnipotent Squash  4
14 GodJimbob64  3
15 GodSleen  3
16 GodShelleron  2
17 GodFriendly Fred  2
18 GodJustday  2
19 GodPhraea  2
20 GodIduna  2
21 GodTrillhein  3
22 GodSomnias Vagus  1
23 GodHummingbird Heart  1
24 GodBellatrixie the Strange  1
25 GodDragolord  1
26 GodMuavaGuava  1
27 GodJimbob65  1
28 GodCarolime  1
29 GodAsmodaya  1

Pantheon of Plundering

Though we at the Silver Raven Piracy Guild try to limit our plundering so as not to overdo it, there are many pirates out there who attack unsuspecting heroes with reckless abandon. Therefore, anyone who punishes these cretins will be added to the Pantheon of Plundering!

Rank God/Goddess Number of Pirates Slain
1 GodNever More  24
2 GodStickyorder  23
3 GodSupermaam  23
4 GodBellaouthena  17
5 GodNASCAR Fanatic  16
6 GodNekomancer  13
7 GodRa-wizard Of Orz  13
8 GodCleanfreak  112
9 GodDragolord  8
10 GodLuke the Almighty  8
11 GodChick Magnet  8
12 GodOmnipotent Squash  7
13 GodThorbjoern  4
14 GodIduna  4
15 GodAlexander Zephyr  4
16 GodRoyal Highness  4
17 GodShelleron  3
18 GodBellatrixie the Strange  3
19 GodFriendly Fred  3
20 GodEpona Dernhelm  3
21 GodSleen  2
22 GodSarahAnnePDX  2
23 GodPhraea  2
24 GodPopcorngod  2
25 GodJimbob64  2
26 GodThe m1ghty  2
27 GodAsmodaya  1
28 GodBrinjal  1
29 GodYldneirf Derf  1
30 GodVexeris  1
31 GodSomnias Vagus  1
32 GodJustday  1
33 GodGodofrum  1
34 GodRabonicus  1
35 GodLuna82  1
36 GodClannad  1
37 GodJimbob65  1
38 GodAlmighty Daemon  1
39 GodThe Stormhawk  1
40 GodRobben Hood  1
41 GodTrillhein  1

Dungeon Raid

To celebrate our guild's anniversaries, the Silver Raven Piracy Guild opens up a special dungeon for anyone who wishes to be a Raider, with great treasures awaiting the adventurous.

First Anniversary

Congratulations to our successful Raiders!

  • GodHawk-eyes , who won an "it" cannon!... and donated it to the Knights Who Say Ni.

Guild Headquarters

Following our successful traverse into the depths of the seas, the Silver Raven Piracy Guild is now headquartered on the fabled island of Atlantis!


Kept floating in the skies by a device known as the Storm, it is surrounded by never ending "adverse" weather conditions ranging from blizzards to typhoons to sandstorms to lightning storms. The city itself is protected by an energy field called the Eye projected by the Storm. This field not only prevents Atlantis from being consumed by the Storm, but it also disrupts attempts to use spells, godpower, and other mystical abilities within the city.

Currently, we are working on renovating the ancient city. The palace, located in the center of Atlantis, contains the quarters for the guild leader, as well as a personal armory and the majestic throne room. To the north, you will find the Atlantea Warehouse for storing our treasures that aren't housed aboard the Sovereign. To the east are the embassies for our allies. Thus far, we have constructed an embassy to Birds of Prey.

To the south of the palace are the homes of the Silver Raven pirates, each uniquely outfitted to its owner's tastes. Inside the residential area, you will also find our pool, made of liquid gold. Finally, to the west of the homes is the tavern, currently stocked with the largest supply and variety of rum in all of Godville!

The Fleet

The Sovereign

Once you see the shadow of what looks to be a raven of prodigious size, you know you won't have your gold for much longer.

You see, the shadow will soon give way to the largest airship in Godville history, the Sovereign of the Shadows! A marvel of engineering, this ship is able to hold its frame aloft using twin mana engines that can also serve as a source of magic for those of arcane persuasion. The Sovereign, at a length of 1165 feet, is able to reach a maximum speed of 120 knots, or 138 mph. As a contrast to its size, the Sovereign has only seven weapons:

Sovereign of the Shadows.jpg
  • Anti-ship: Four Magnetic Acceleration Cannons, or MACs
  • Anti-Air: Two Cluster Missile Turrets

And the piece de resistance, the mana-powered Moonstone Cannon, a weapon adopted from a fellow pirate and capable of destroying most monsters and enemy ships with a single shot.

Of course, this ship is not just made for combat. Within its halls you will find a level of luxury greater than the usual standards of pirates. Our dining hall, which can house over 1000 hungry gods and heroes, features smooth marble floors, onyx crystal chandeliers, a newly refurbished soda fountain, and the best mahogany tables in the world, covered in beautiful silk tablecloths. Immediately adjacent is the trophy hall, where you can browse the trophies our guild has "acquired" through well-polished duraglass cases.

Any who wishes can test their skills in marksmanship, stealth, strength, swordplay, and theft in our training rooms. Just remember: if you "find" anything in our ship, it must be placed back where you found it before you leave. We'll know if someone tries to smuggle something out.

Join Us!

If you want to start plundering other heroes, simply give your hero the command Join the "Silver Raven Piracy Guild" guild

Plunder Today!