Significant Otter

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{{Monster|image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |pet-levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}} or
{{Monster|pet=yes |image=pet.jpg |description=Beast |pet-levels=12-32 |totem=AGuild}}
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An otter is a semi-aquatic creature and generally is not very significant, in fact, one might even say that they are quite insignificant. The "Significant Otter" is, of course, not the average otter and has achieved some level of significance in the life of at least one hero. Whether by becoming a soul-mate to a hero (or whatever level of hero-otter relations comes the closest to what a soul-mate would be), or just achieving the sheer mass, volume or, in other words, achieving a sufficiently grandiose profile to cause a hero to exclaim "Holy crap, lord! The profile of that *monster* is quite significant!".

In conclusion, the Significant Otter is an otter which has achieved enough significance to be significant enough to a hero or heroine to be considered significant by them, maybe even beloved. In theory at least, as this has not been proven.

If tamed and kept as a pet, the fur of the Significant Otter is said to gain magical healing properties, and can heal even the most grievous of wounds simply by rubbing up against a hero's or heroine's legs. Whether these rumours are true is unknown (though we highly doubt it), but they are warm and cuddly, and make a great heater for cold nights.

Like all other pets the significant otter is incredibly loyal. Though significant otter has been known to occasionally steal their master's objects, one glance at their fuzzy, adorable faces, will make you instantly forgive them. On top of being cute, significant otter's have been known to jump into battle with their hero/heroines and help defeat monsters.

Of course, being a Significant Otter is not all about attaching yourself to a hero or heroine. When roaming in the wilderness, a Significant Otter must work hard to maintain and express it's significance to all other monsters, lest it revert back to being an everyday otter that is really not significant in any way. This often achieved through large and unnecessarily expensive parades and parties, paid for using gold and artefacts it steals off fallen heroes. However, Significant Otters are also known for being thrifty creatures, and will often gatecrash each others' parties, to avoid having to pay for their own. This leads to arguments over which of the Significant Otters is most significant. Heroes and heroines that have stumbled across these parties have reported them as the wildest, most enjoyable parties they have ever been to. Multiple such partygoers have been quoted the morning after saying "Last night was awesome, but I still haven't found my pants!"