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Side Jobs were introduced during the Halloween 2018 seasonal event[1]. They are side quests that a hero or heroine can do alongside their usual quest.

Gaining Side Jobs

A side job in progress

Side Jobs are a possible outcome of your hero visiting a point of interest. If it is successfully completed by your hero within the time, a reward will be collected the next time they visit a point of interest[2].

It is not believed that there is a way to cancel a Side Job.

List of Side Jobs

Side Job Minimum n Maximum n
Defeat n strong monsters[table 1] 18 24
Have n adventures 2 6
Resurrect n times[table 2] 1 2
Sell n bold trophies 15 45
Sleep in a town n times 5 6
Visit n points of interest 6 11
Wear n different auras 4 4


  1. Boss Monsters do not count as Strong monsters.
  2. Just "Resurrect" when only one resurrection is required.

Halloween 2018 Side Jobs

Figure 1
Figure 2

For the Halloween 2018 seasonal event, special Halloween-themed Side Jobs were used to introduce the feature. These are no longer available.


The side jobs were initially displayed without any information about their parameters (see Fig. 1). The nature of the special quest was subsequently revealed (Fig. 2), and the new feature received the label Side Job upon its announcement in the Godwiki blog.

Side Job rewards

Side Job rewards include 2 or 3 gold bricks, gopher wood logs, or creatures, possibly also with an activatable artifact that contains other artifacts.

!Halloween 2018 Side Job completion
02:52 PM Not sure what I managed to finish just now. But I got two logs for the ark for my success.

!Side Job completion
03:28 AM Reported my success at side job agency and was rewarded with a valuable prize. Got two manimals.

!Side Job completion
03:58 PM Returned to the side job giver. Got two logs for the ark and a prize chest for finishing the side job.

Side job completion entries will appear in the third eye.


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