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Side Jobs were introduced during the Halloween 2018 seasonal event.[1] These are optional objectives a hero or heroine can do alongside their usual quest.

Gaining Side Jobs

A side job in progress

Side Jobs are a possible outcome of your hero visiting a point of interest when level 25 or above.

Additionally, coupons from the Godville Times will occasionally provide a side job.[2] In the event that such a coupon is redeemed with an already active side job, gold will be supplied instead.

If the Side Job is successfully completed by your hero within the time, a reward will be collected the next time they visit a point of interest.[3]

Side jobs are timed and could range between 36-54 hours. The timer on a side job may be increased by an additional 10 or 12 hours when reaching another point of interest.[4] There is no limit to the amount of time extensions a side job can get.

There is no way to cancel a side job, aside from letting the timer expire and visit the next point of interest.

Side Job rewards

Side Job rewards include 1 to 3 gold bricks, gopher wood logs, creatures, or glyphs, possibly also with a special activatable artifact that contains other artifacts.

On the Halloween 2019 update,[5] apart from adding another 3 side jobs, should a hero finish the job and reach a point of interest with more than 24 hours to spare, they will be granted the maximum reward possible for the successful side job.

The Third Eye will record only completed Side Jobs and their rewards.

List of Side Jobs

Side Job Min n Max n
Breed a tribble 1
Change n pieces of equipment [6] 1 3
Complete n quests [7] 3 6
Defeat n strong monsters [8] 16 40
Fail a side job [9] 1
Flee from n monsters 40 65
Have n adventures [10] 2 6
Resurrect [n times] 1 2
Sell n bold trophies 10 45
Sleep in a town n times 4 7
Squander n gold in a town 6000 34000
Visit n points of interest 6 12
Wear n different auras 2 4
Use n healing potions [11] 16 26

Halloween 2018 Side Jobs

Figure 1
Figure 2

For the Halloween 2018 seasonal event, special Halloween-themed Side Jobs were used to introduce the feature. These are no longer available.

  • Find n trophies with pumpkins
  • Kill n undead monsters


The side jobs were initially displayed without any information about their parameters (see Fig. 1). The nature of the special quest was subsequently revealed (Fig. 2), and the new feature received the label Side Job upon its announcement[1] in the Godwiki blog.

!Halloween 2018 Side Job completion
02:52 PM Not sure what I managed to finish just now. But I got two logs for the ark for my success.

!Side Job completion
03:28 AM Reported my success at side job agency and was rewarded with a valuable prize. Got two manimals.

!Side Job completion
03:58 PM Returned to the side job giver. Got two logs for the ark and a prize chest for finishing the side job.


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