Shock Therapist

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Monsters of Godville
Shock Therapist
Class Demon
Habitat Hospitals and swamps
Wanted on Day 1731 g.e.
Description it's so evil it shockes people

The Shock Therapist is a monster that uses shock therapy as a weapon, as if it isn't dangerous enough as therapy.

One of their primary attacks fries whatever brains a hero actually has left. These creatures disguise themselves as human scholars when their true form is far more horrible - being bald, skinny, tall, and altogether unpleasant except for their comfortable couches to rest on.

They carry around unnaturally high voltage boxes which they fire electricity from using telekinesis. They are strong with electricity and psi, so if they were to use their mental powers for good, they could do a good job making heroes do proper actions in life. The only way to defeat them is to short-circuit their voltage box, also making them explode, blowing up in the Shock Therapist's face. Another way to do it is cause them to lose their telekinetic power if at all possible.


  • Can lure your hero in for a "quick evaluation"
  • May initially seem smart and helpful
  • Carries its own ECT machine


  • Being told your insurance doesn't cover anymore "sessions"
  • A hero with no brains left to shock
  • High electric bills